‘Conan Exiles’ Update Brings Weapon Mods, New Weather System [Update]


The Steam Early Access version of Conan Exiles received an update Wednesday fresh off Funcom announcing an official launch for the PC, Xbox One, and, eventually, PS4 survival title. The latest update continues the developer’s efforts to focus on polishing and bug fixing but comes with some interesting new content and features. The ability to modify weapons, armor, and tools have arrived, along with a new weather system, new weapons, tools, and more.

Update: The official Conan Exiles servers were taken down to roll back the databases following the release of this update. The patch accidentally removed vaults and tier 3 Alters, per Funcom.

Gear Mods

Conan Exiles players will have the ability to use modification kits on weapon, armor, and tools. This builds off the existing repair kit system and provides stat bonuses for items versus simply repairing them. For example, a mod kit can be used to improve the damage dealt with a sword or reduce the amount of stamina used by swinging it. Armor mods can increase durability or reduce damage taken. Meanwhile, tools mods can increase the number of resources harvested.

Players will need to complete six new feats to unlock these modifications. There are three for weapons and tools plus three for armor. Once unlocked, each item can be improved once. Conan Exiles players will want to choose carefully which ones to upgrade and which to carry with them.

New Weapons, Armor, and Tools

New weapons in Conan Exiles update 32.
Featured image credit: Funcom

New weapons and armor sets were added to Conan Exiles in addition to the weapon modifications. This includes an Aquilonian medium armor set and the Zamorian cloth armor set. Both provide protection against the heat of the desert in the Exiled Lands and will buff characters once Funcom finishes implementing a planned perk system.

The new weapons include the Acheronian spear, sword, and ax only available to craft once a character reaches level 60. An ancient ax and war ax have also been added plus a studded mace and the corseque, which is a long pole weapon tipped by a long spike and hooked curving blades.

New tools from the Conan Exiles update 32.
Featured image credit: Funcom

Sickles to harvest fiber and cleavers to harvest meat from bodies are also now part of Conan Exiles. Players will also find they can craft iron and steel truncheons to more easily knock out higher level thralls, along with new tiers of bindings to be able to draft them back to base.

New Weather System

A new, more dynamic weather system is one of the big additions to Conan Exiles. Funcom is adding this to the Frozen North area first but will expand it to the desert area and the future jungle biome after some testing.

Here is how Funcom describes what the weather system will do.

“The new system adjusts the weather based on what area you are in. As the weather grows more severe your surroundings can become more foggy or windy. It can start snowing and a light rain can grow in intensity and build into a full on thunderstorm with lighting strikes. In rain you can see your clothes get wet and see puddles forming on the ground.”

Other New Items

Conan Exiles update 32 also brings some new building pieces and other placeable items into the game. Players will be able to craft weapon and shield racks to store and display gear inside their base.

A number of gameplay and bug fixes also come with the update to fix Thralls, gameplay issues, and other random bugs. You can check out the full details in the patch notes shared to Steam.

There is no word from Funcom on when the Xbox One version will receive this update.