‘Roseanne’ Revival: New Photo Reveals Possible Spoiler

Chris PizzelloAP Images

Roseanne revival news has been rolling in ever since the announcement that the show would return was made earlier this year. Casting updates, storylines, and more have been reported on, but no real plots have been revealed. However, the release of a brand new photo from the set of the show has fans starting to speculate about what to expect when the episodes begin airing in 2018.

According to Pop Culture, a newly released photo from the Roseanne revival set features Roseanne and Dan Connor (Roseanne Barr and John Goodman) having a conversation with their daughter, Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert. The photo shows the three family members in what used to be Darlene and Becky’s bedroom, with some classic Connor family decor in the background.

The photos appear to be taken at a moment when Dan and Roseanne are having a heartfelt conversation with their middle child, Darlene, who is sitting on a bed in her former room. However, some fans believe that she may be living back at home in the bedroom where she grew up in the revival. Not only does Darlene look comfy sitting in the bed, but a jacket that could easily belong to her is seen hanging on the back of the bedroom door. In addition, some of Darlene’s old things, such as her Chicago Cubs poster, are seen in the background.

Could it be that Darlene has moved back in with her parents during the Roseanne revival, or perhaps she never left her family’s home? In the original series, Darlene married David Healy (Johnny Galecki), and the two lived in Roseanne and Dan’s home, even after having their firstborn child, daughter Harris. It is a possibility that Darlene and David continued to live in the home while raising their family.


However, some fans believe that Darlene and David will no longer be married in the Roseanne revival, and if that is the case, then Darlene could have moved back home with her parents after her divorce. Others believe that Darlene will come out as gay in the new episodes, and she may need the support of her loving parents during that time.

No matter what happens in the Roseanne revival, fans will be tuning in to see what the Connor family is doing in the present day and how each and every family member has changed since the original series ended. The show is expected to premiere sometime in 2018.