Trump Spells ‘Meadia’ Wrong On Twitter, Writes About 90 Percent Negative Coverage Of Him

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President Donald Trump is throwing a hissy fit on Twitter and whilst doing so, Trump’s misspellings on Twitter have returned. Twitter users are surmising that Trump was so angered by Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama, as reported by the Inquisitr, that it has caused Trump to start spelling words wrong once again on Twitter, with folks dubbing “meadia” as the new “covfefe.”

As seen in the below tweet from Trump’s Twitter account — if the tweet remains live — Trump published a tweet on Wednesday, December 13, at 8:02 a.m. that began to rant against the “more than 90 percent of Fake News Media coverage” of Trump that is negative. The first time Trump wrote “media,” he spelled the word correctly. Trump also spelled “media” in the correct manner when he explained his use of “Social Media,” odd capitalizations and all. However, when it came to writing about “Mainstream Meadia,” Trump added an extra “a” in the word “media” to finish off his tweet.

Trump claimed that there were “numerous forced retractions of untrue stories,” therefore using social media was Trump’s “only way to get the truth out.” Calling much of “Mainstream Meadia” a joke and including the handle for the Twitter account Fox and Friends, Trump began to get a lot of ribbing for another misspelling. CNN anchor Jake Tapper likened Trump’s “Meadia” to Tyler Perry’s Madea character and the memes and GIFs began. As reported by the Inquisitr, some Twitter users claimed that Trump must have his “phone boy” back, who allegedly smuggled in 10 to 15 phones into the West Wing for Trump to access Twitter any time he desires, since the Twitter misspellings have also returned.


Ironically, “Meadia” is a real word, which is a rank of eels in a cutthroat eel family. There’s also a golf club named Meadia Heights Golf Club that is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with an 18-hole layout, therefore folks are making obvious jokes about cutthroat eels and golfing in the wake of Trump spelling yet another word wrong.

Twitter users are wondering how Trump could spell the word “media” correctly twice and then incorrectly in the third usage of the word, all within the same tweet. A search for the word “Meadia” on Twitter shows the feedback on Trump’s misspelling.

President Donald Trump spells "meadia" incorrectly.
President Donald Trump spells "meadia" incorrectly.Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images