Kris Humphries Grosses Out Fan By Sweating On Them [Video]

Kris Humphries’ sweat managed to gross out an Oklahoma city Thunder fan this week after she made the choice to touch him.

The Brooklyn Nets forward was walking back to his teams dressing room when the Thunder fan reached out and touched him, not realizing exactly how sweaty NBA players become during the course of a game.

The woman’s priceless reaction was quickly caught on video and began to go viral.

Kris Humphries isn’t alone in his sweat filled role, he’s joined by other top NBA sweat makers including Kevin Garnett, Lamar Odom, and Nick Collison.

Bleacher Report brings up a good point about the woman’s decision:

“Would you run to touch some random dude after a workout at the gym? No, because that is gross and a little bit creepy. So, why do you have to touch an athlete after they finish up playing a hard-fought basketball game?”

Humphries was all over the court in his teams victory over the leagues leading team, scoring 11 points and seven rebounds, unfortunately he also managed to sprain his ankle during the outing.

Here’s a video of the fan touching Kris Humphries as he walked into the team dressing room. Pay close attention to the fans face for her priceless reaction:

Would you reach out and touch a sweaty basketball player following a physically demanding performance?