Gwen Stefani Sparks Plastic Surgery Speculation After Christmas Special

Emily Hutchinson

Gwen Stefani is being accused of going under the knife and getting plastic surgery after showing off her youthful looks during her NBC Christmas special on December 12. The star looked far younger that her 48 years as she performed festive hits from her holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, during the special, which had a wave of fans on social media commenting on her glow.

A number of viewers responded to how youthful the mom of three looked on social media, tweeting about how young Gwen appeared as she performed the Christmas classics, including a duet of the album's title track with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

"Gwen Stefani is 48 am I the only one who didn't know she was that old???? I am literally shook," tweeted one fan, while another noted of Stefani looking better than ever, "Does Gwen Stefani not age? Like this is actually scary???"

The speculation then quickly turned to allegations of plastic surgery, though Gwen has never confirmed she's ever had any kind of surgery to alter her appearance.

"Is Gwen Stefani a robot Stefani, like in Santa Clause 2 when they make a toy Santa? I think she's made of plastic," one fan commented after seeing the star on her Christmas special this week.

A third fan also accused Gwen of potentially going under the knife, writing on the 280-character site on December 12, "In another 8 to 12 months Gwen will have completed her transformation into the world's first fully plastic human being."

Stefani hasn't commented on the allegations of plastic surgery that stemmed from her Christmas special, which she actually shot last month, though this isn't the first time the former "No Doubt" singer has been accused of altering her appearance.

Life & Style then claimed the singer had potentially had botox injections to keep her skin looking smooth in a speculative piece back in April.

However, for her part, the "Used To Love You" singer has been pretty open about surgery in the past and even once admitted that she'd be open to going under the knife if she ever felt she really wanted to.

Way back in 2004, while she was married to her now former husband Gavin Rossdale, Stefani admitted that she was hoping her children would keep her looking and feeling young and not too focused on her appearance.

"I'm hoping my children will save me from my vanity," the star (who is now mom to 11-year-old Kingston, nine-year-old Zuma, and three-year-old Apollo) told the magazine at the time, admitting that plastic surgery is an option but not "a real solution" to the aging process.

"It sucks to have to grow older," Gwen said of aging 12 years ago. "We all have to accept it."