Jeremy, Audrey, And Ember Jean Roloff Wear Matching Reindeer Outfits For Their Christmas Card

Audrey Roloff/Facebook

Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World recently shared a photo of her daughter, Ember Jean, wearing an adorable reindeer-patterned pajama and a brown reindeer hat with little antlers to celebrate her third month. Now, imagine the same outfit (minus the hat) on Audrey and her husband, Jeremy, and what you’ll get is the most memorable Christmas card yet.

The Roloff trio donned their matching red and white reindeer pajamas as they posed in front of their Christmas tree. Jeremy was also wearing a pair of gray socks while Audrey sported a pair of comfy-looking slippers. What made the family photo even more adorable is that baby Ember seems to be fast asleep on Audrey’s lap while Jeremy is carrying Pine, the family cat.

As expected, fans of Little People, Big World couldn’t get over the cuteness of the photo. A lot of the comments also asked about the pajamas Jeremy, Audrey and Ember were wearing.

“This is seriously the cutest family picture ever,” said one fan. “Love the PJs too cute.”

“Please for the love of God tell me where to get those pj’s,” said another.

Audrey shared where they bought the pajamas through her Instagram Stories. The jammers are called Night Night Baby Sleepers and are made by Hanna Andersson.

The PJs were not the only things that caught the attention of the family’s fans. Many also asked Audrey where she got the pair of slippers she’s wearing as well as the cushion they were sitting on.

Unfortunately, the link to the source of the slippers wasn’t working. Audrey did share that the slippers retailed for almost $20. The cushion, meanwhile, is a Rohini Printed Daybed.

Audrey also shared where they got the pillow behind her in the photo. The rectangular pillow, which said “Oh come let us adore him,” is made by Dear Lily Mae.

In her other Instagram Stories videos, Audrey showed a couple of porcelain Christmas ornaments on their tree that was hand-painted by a friend of hers. On the first ball, Audrey showed what was written: “Ember Jean’s first pumpkin season 2017.” The second ornament commemorated Ember’s first Christmas.

Audrey also gave a quick peek as to what happens when she and Jeremy go on a photoshoot. The still photo shows Jeremy with his head down while Audrey is fixing his hair. According to Audrey, Jeremy always begs to put up his hair three minutes after starting the shoot while she insists on keeping it down.

“Those curls are too much,” said Audrey.

Audrey is not the only one having issues with Jeremy’s locks. Some fans shared their dislike for Jeremy’s long hair, particularly on the photo of the two on their way to a concert date, as reported by Pop Culture.

Audrey also gave a little bit of update on the situation at their home. As mentioned in this Inquisitr article, the Roloff family was planning to move back into their home around a week ago or after their kitchen renovation was finally finished.

According to Audrey, they started moving their stuff from the garage back into the house. This allowed them to do the photo shoot for their Christmas card. Audrey then encouraged her followers to swap Christmas cards with them.