Kate Middleton Seems To Be Getting More Affectionate With Prince William, Is This The Meghan Markle Effect?

Oli ScarffGetty Images

Recently, Kate Middleton was seen showing some open affection for her royal husband when the couple received the gold Blue Peter badges.

During an interview after the royal couple received the award, Duchess Kate touched Prince William for a moment, reported Business Insider. It was innocent enough for a couple expecting their third child, but it was enough for fans of the couple to start gushing, as stated by a report from Hollywood Life.

For the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, being the nearest young couple to inherit Queen Elizabeth’s throne comes with certain limitations. On top of that list is conduct and etiquette, especially towards how the couple interacts with each other during public events. PDA, for instance, seems to have become rare for the royal pair the longer they are married.

However, the lack of affection they express toward each other is not due to their lack of love for one another. The couple has merely chosen to maintain a professional demeanor during royal duties, reported PopSugar. After all, the Cambridges are representatives of the British Monarchy; hence, the professional manner the two approach their public appearances.

The recent bout of affection shown by the Duchess of Cambridge toward her husband at BBC studios seems to be linked to Meghan Markle and her open demeanor with Prince Harry, with some reports suggesting that Duchess Kate is mirroring Ms. Markle’s comfortable and affectionate manner toward her royal counterpart.

However, this notion might not be too accurate. Despite the fact that PDA with the Cambridges is rare, it has not stopped. It appears the couple has just chosen to limit their public displays of affection.

As Hello! Magazine reveals in an article that focuses purely on the couple’s PDA, Duchess Kate and Prince William still show quite a bit of affection towards each other during royal appearances. In February 2017, during Team Heads Together training day in London, Prince William can be seen giving his wife a side-hug. In the same year, Duchess Kate was seen with her hand delicately placed behind Prince William’s back.

So, while the two have chosen to remain professional during their royal duties, the Duchess Kate and Prince William do let some affection crack through once in a while.

Travel and Leisure explained that Prince Harry and Ms. Markle have a bit more freedom in the PDA department because of the red-headed royal’s position in the line of succession. Being sixth in line to the throne—now that the Cambridges are expecting their third child—means that Prince Harry is not obligated to follow the strict royal rules of etiquette.

On the other hand, Prince William is third in line to the throne and his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are fourth and fifth, respectively. It appears that being so close to the throne has some restrictions. Public displays of affection just seem to be on that list.