Roy Moore’s Loss Worries Fox News, Will This Lead To Investigation Of Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations?

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Even though Roy Moore has not conceded yet (as of this writing), it has been wildly recognized that Democrat Doug Jones has sealed the spot. However, Fox News has bigger worries.

Just after Doug Jones’ announcement, the network immediately put on an interview with their lead panelist to assess the damage done, Think Progress reported. Host Bret Baier said this could be a telling moment for how the Democrats would be moving forward with their opposition of President Donald Trump.

Baier said that Moore’s loss would “embolden Democrats to use the issue,” pertaining to sexual assault allegations, to bring down the president himself.

Laura Ingraham agreed. She said that if the entire state of Alabama favored Jones simply because of unverified claims on sexual assault, this could very well be the same “tactic” the opposition would use against Trump. Ingraham added that she expects to see the rise of allegation talks all throughout 2018.

Brit Hume has a similar sentiment. Even though a poll last week “indicates 70 percent of respondents think Congress should investigate” allegations on Trump, Hume said this should be one of the issues America should simply go over.

Since the allegations on Trump appeared even before he got elected, Hume believes America was already given that one chance to tackle the issue. Since the majority of Americans decided these allegations were irrelevant to Trump’s efficiency in office, Hume said it should not matter now.

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Additionally, Hume claimed that the media simply spins the news of these allegations to damage the president. He felt like these are just repetitions of the type of charges that had been brought up before, but were never cleared.

With the 24/7 news cycle, Hume concluded that the rise of talks about Trump’s sexual assault allegations would die down because there will always be something new to talk about.

As for Moore, he is simply not backing down. His party is still waiting to see in case the final ballots have a dip of 0.5 percent or below. If that happens, they can trigger an automatic recount. It’s still unclear whether there will be one or not, according to The Hill.