'Destiny 2': How To Complete The Mercury Flashpoint Milestone Quickly

The Destiny 2 weekly Flashpoint milestone moved to Mercury this week and players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC may think they are in for a long grind due to the planet having only a single public event. That's not the case as Guardians can quickly finish the milestone and visit Cayde-6 for a new Powerful Engram by doing the following.

The Vex Crossing public event is easily the most rewarding of the public events in the game in terms of completing the Flashpoint milestone. Completing the Heroic version can add 30 percent or more towards completion based on how many Yellow Bar enemies are killed, and there are plenty. Players should definitely focus their attention on the public event if it is available on Mercury, as a result. However, the downside is there is a long period of time between when the Vex Crossing public event ends and the next one begins. Destiny 2 players can fill this time doing some hunting on Mercury to complete the Flashpoint.

Mercury is essentially a big ring around the center of the public event space. The ring area is populated by various Vex and Cabal enemies, including High-Value Targets, Prisoners, and other named enemies with yellow health bars.

"Killing the yellow bar enemies on Mercury will count towards the Flashpoint milestone progression."
A Destiny 2 Fireteam on Mercury in the Curse of Osiris expansion.

Each yellow bar kill adds three percent towards the Flashpoint progression. This may not sound like much at first glance, but the number and frequency of these named enemies quickly add up. For example, a named Vex Minotaur holding a Cabal Centurion and three or named Psions prisoner counts 12 to 15 percent toward the milestone progression.

The good news is these yellow bar enemies are plentiful on Mercury. Simply doing laps around the outer desert ring killing them plus doing the Public Events means Destiny 2 players could be done with the Mercury Flashpoint milestone in approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

The ideal way to complete the Flashpoint: Mercury milestone is by jumping to the planet when the public event is about to start and complete it. Then run around the ring killing yellow bars. Destiny 2 players should gain enough progress to finish the milestone the next time the public event rolls around and they complete it.