MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees & White Sox Want Manny Machado But Will Orioles Make Deal?

In the latest MLB trade rumors, the New York Yankees may not be done making deals, as they are one of two teams recently reported to have interest in Baltimore's Manny Machado. The Bronx Bombers recently pulled off a deal to bring Miami Marlins' slugger Giancarlo Stanton to their roster but may be looking to add even more power to their lineup. In addition, the Chicago White Sox have their eye on the Orioles' player. Will Baltimore be willing to budge in terms of making a deal with a fellow American League squad?

Per ESPN's Buster Olney on Tuesday, the New York Yankees are one of the teams interested in Machado and it's noted the "Orioles are listening" because of the loaded farm system New York has. However, Olney also points out in his tweet there's speculation that since Baltimore is in New York's division they may not want to give them more talent for their roster. A report from Ken Rosenthal on the situation says that Baltimore wants to make a deal before Machado leaves the team as a free agent. Therefore, they're looking to acquire two young starting pitchers for the 25-year-old player. The White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies were also mentioned as potentially interested teams.

new york yankees want to add manny machado in trade
The NY Yankees want to add Manny Machado via trade with the Baltimore Orioles for the 2018 season.

Machado has been in the league just five years but has been putting up good numbers. For his most recent season, he hit 33 home runs and 95 RBIs with a 0.259 average. For his career, he's had 138 home runs, 406 RBIs, and a 0.279 average. It's been reported that if the Orioles can't trade him this offseason, they may move him from his position at third base to shortstop for the 2018 MLB season. Machado started his MLB career at the position before moving to third where he's won two Golden Gloves during his career.

The Baltimore Orioles finished their 2017 MLB season at 75-87 which was last in the AL East. Rebuilding is clearly a top priority for this team and adding some young prospects for Manny Machado seems like a great start towards finding success again in the future. It just remains to be seen if they'll be wowed enough by the Yankees' trade package in order to make a deal that would further solidify New York as an American League powerhouse next season.