Jill Duggar And Jessa Duggar Share Baby Updates: Samuel Smiles And Henry Chases Snacks

Duggar fans just can't get over how adorable Jill and Jessa's sons are. Both moms recently shared updates on their youngest children, and the boys seem to be happy and healthy. However, Jessa did have to save 10-month-old Henry from getting bopped on the head by his rambunctious older brother during snack time.

On Tuesday, Jill Duggar took to Instagram to share a new photo of her youngest son, Samuel Scott Dillard. The tiny tot turned 5-months-old on December 8, and Jill belatedly marked the occasion by snapping a picture of him wearing a white onesie with a big sticker on it. In addition to noting Samuel's age, the decal featured a cartoon drawing of Oklahoma State University's mascot, Pistol Pete. The character holds a special place in Derick Dillard's heart because he was OSU's mascot when he attended college there.

According to Jill, Samuel is a "happy baby, just like his older brother." The little boy does have a grin on his face in most of the recent photos that his mother has shared, including one that was snapped while he was getting dried off after bathtime. Samuel's smile is quickly winning him many admiring fans.

"He is seriously the cutest baby!" wrote one of Jill Duggar's Instagram followers in response to his latest photo.

"So precious! Looks like a Gerber baby!" another wrote.

Many Duggar fans don't just think that Samuel shares his older's brother's sunny disposition; they also believe that he looks just like 2-year-old Israel did when he was the same age.

"Looks just like his brother. Adorable," wrote one of Jill's followers.

You can check out the photo of Israel below to see if you agree.

Jill Duggar hasn't yet shared any videos of Israel and Samuel interacting, but her younger sister, Jessa Duggar, often delights her Instagram followers with mini home movies starring her two sons. On Monday, she shared a video that was taken during 2-year-old Spurgeon and 10-month-old Henry's snack time. The Counting On star revealed that she was trying to capture some footage to send to the boys' grandmother, Michelle Duggar.

In the video, Spurgeon is munching on Goldfish crackers while Henry struggles to pick up Cheerios and put them in his mouth.

"Aw... bein' so sweet eating snacks together, so I'm like 'Hey boys, let's take a video for Grandma!" Jessa captioned the video. "Spurgeon: 'Hmm... what mischievous thing shall I do for this video?' Lol! What is it with this age?! Ha! And then his 'I'm being a good boy, Mommy!' I try to keep a straight face in these teaching moments, but I must admit, sometimes I can't help but laugh out loud."

The "teaching moment" Jessa Duggar is referring to in the video takes place after Henry crawls on the floor to chase down a Cheerio that he dropped. He uses the coffee table to pull himself back up, and Spurgeon waits until he's standing before balling his hand into a fist and placing it on top of his brother's head.

"Be gentle with him. No," Jessa warns her oldest son.

Spurgeon responds to his mother by unballing his first and pretending to pat his little brother on the head. He then tells his mother that he's "a good boy."

You can check out the video below.