Brittany Cartwright's Mom Weighs In On Jax Taylor's Cheating Announcement On 'Vanderpump Rules'

Brittany Cartwright's mom was on Twitter last night as Jax Taylor admitted to cheating on her daughter for the world to see on Vanderpump Rules.

As the new episode aired, Sherri Cartwright expressed her frustration with the situation and questioned Jax Taylor directly about how he was planning to stay faithful to Brittany Cartwright in the future.

"This episode is hard to watch. I just want to get on the next plane!!" Sherri Cartwright wrote on December 11.

As soon as Brittany Cartwright's mom shared the post, she was immediately confronted by several fans who wanted to know why her daughter would choose to get back together with her cheating boyfriend. Others pointed out that if Taylor is cheating now, he likely won't ever change. That said, Sherri Cartwright told the fan that she's doing her best to stay positive about the situation as she prays to see a change in the reality star.

Sherri Cartwright also faced some backlash online for failing to intervene in her daughter's unhealthy and tragic relationship with Jax Taylor. However, as she explained, she has given her daughter "plenty of advice" when the cameras aren't rolling.

Later in the evening, as Jax Taylor made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Sherri Cartwright returned to Twitter with a very specific and direct question to her daughter's controversial boyfriend.

"Jax what makes you think you can be faithful to my daughter now?" Sherri Cartwright later asked in a tweet shared to Andy Cohen.

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Brittany Cartwright's mother is worried about her daughter, and who can blame her? She's dating someone who admittedly cheated on her after two years of dating. In addition, Jax Taylor has a history of cheating on women and even went as far as to sleep with his former girlfriend Stassi Schroeder's best friend, Kristen Doute.

There appears to be a lack of morals happening in the life of Jax Taylor, and unfortunately, Brittany Cartwright appears to be his innocent victim.

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