Matt Roloff, Family Accused Of Being 'Hung Up In Sins,' 'Money And Lust' Taking Over Their Lives

Being TV personalities, Matt Roloff and his family have been subject to some nasty accusations and controversies but none may be worse than being accused of losing sight of their belief especially since God has been an essential part of the lives of the Little People, Big World family.

One fan called the Roloff family out after Matt posted a hilarious photo of himself trying to look like a bad boy. The photo shows Matt wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, a black T-shirt, fake tattoo sleeves, and a cigar in his mouth. Most of the over 1,100 commenters knew Matt was only having some fun but the said follower found it necessary to question Matt and his family's dedication to God. The Bible-quoting follower went so far as to accuse Matt that "money and lust" have become the center of their lives.

"Hey did u realize that money and lust has took over ur lives," asked a certain James Thomas. "I remember how u guys use to have god in ur life that ur hung up in ur sins more then Jesus Christ. I believe it's time to wake up and know he is coming soon in ur wasting ur time in the world lifestyle that's living in sin."

While Matt has yet to comment on the accusations, a number of fans have come to his defense. Most of them said that the critic has no right to judge Matt and that the judging is reserved for God alone.

"Are you his judge," asked one fan. "Worry about your own self! Only God knows his heart… and yours!"

"Who are you to judge him," asked another. "Remember what they say about He who throws the first stone."

The so-called Bible Thumper, as one fan described him, was also called out for his lapses in grammar and spelling mistakes.

"Work on your spelling," said a follower. "Using terms like ur and u only show your lack of intelligence. Food for thought."

The critic hit back by saying he was all about Jesus Christ while the other person was just about "schooling" him. He also said that he had the right to judge Matt because "I'm alive I'm not casting no stones but to cast the truth."

Some fans went further and questioned his sanity.

"James please join us in reality," said one fan.

"Yeah, we stay sane and nothing else changes," said another.

Another follower tried to get his goat by lambasting his belief.

"James, stop trying to shovel your religious s*** in other peoples mouths," said the fan. "Its rude."

"Your god isn't real," he added. "Everything you believe in is a lie and if there's a hell then you're first in line."

The follower stood defiant despite the criticisms hurled at him after accusing Matt of losing sight of God.

"I well not stand back," the follower said. "He needs to know that his life is not for god no more. It's money that has changed him and lust."

He also claimed that he had the right to say whatever he wants "about other people's sins" because, according to Jesus, people can do so "as long as we have took the sin out of our lives."

Matt was not only accused of enjoying earthly sins in his latest post. As mentioned, Matt had a cigar in his mouth to complete his bad boy look. This led some of his followers to call him out for possibly smoking around his grandchildren, per another Inquisitr article. Some fans pointed out the obvious that Jackson and Ember Jean weren't in the photo and that Matt was likely only pulling a prank.