Harry And Pals Kill 15 Wild Boars, But Will Meghan Markle's Appetite For Boar Meat Soothe Social Media Woes?

Prince Harry is being called a hypocrite across social media sites for being in a hunting party that has killed 15 wild boars. Some people on social media have said how they thought of him as an animal lover due to the work he's done protecting elephants, but this is tainting their views. Many are surmising Meghan Markle is not going to be happy after reading about Harry and his pals' success with this blood sport in the headlines, but that just might not be the case.

A Twitter user commented on Meghan Markle possibly making a choice of her favorite dish, "hypocrite or love," as people are wondering how Harry's killing spree will weigh on the prospects of his happy up-and-coming nuptials. Some folks wonder if Harry's infatuation with hunting boar will stop once he's married to Meghan, who is known as an animal lover.

According to the Mirror, Harry and his "posh pals" racked up a total of 15 wild boars on their hunting trip in Germany. The prince and his privileged friends reportedly joined a party of 60 people out to kill the wild boars, which are said to be overrunning the German countryside.

While people are expecting that the animal lover in Meghan Markle will not find this news appealing, they may be surprised. She's already had her say on Harry's boar killing along with making a comment about the meat he reaps from his hunting. Meghan's take on this may sound different than many people expected since it is coming from someone who is a fan of a lot of vegetables in her diet.

Back in May, when the whispers of a possible marriage for the couple were still in their infancy, an article emerged asking the question, "Is Harry's love of hunting this animal what seduced Suits actress girlfriend Meghan Markle?" This article came from the U.K.'s Express.

It seems that Meghan is not only fine with Harry's love of boar hunting, but she is also absolutely crazy about the boar meat he brings home from these hunts. According to the Express, "Meghan admitted she enjoys tucking into wild boar - something she may have in common with avid animal hunter Prince Harry."
Meghan's preferred food intake consists of a lot of vegetables, which make up a good portion of her diet. From making her own homemade vegetable soup to feasting on fruit, hummus, and nuts for snacks, Meghan sounds like a fairly healthy eater.

The comments are more than abundant on Twitter today on the topic of "Prince Harry -- Wild Boar." Harry is deemed as a hypocrite numerous times on Twitter, as one social media user writes, "That great wildlife conservationist Prince Harry has just slaughtered 15 wild boars on a hunting trip in Germany." People are pointing out the clash in mindsets between the prince and his proposed princess. Another Twitter user writes, "Prince Harry was in Bavaria last weekend shooting Deer and wild boar while Meghan a part-time Vegan was in Canada!!"

While Meghan Markle hasn't weighed in on Harry's recent boar hunting trip, she has previously. Unless she's turned 180 degrees on the subject, she doesn't mind a bit and even looks forward to sharing the meat from Harry's kill of the day, according to the reports from earlier this year.