'Vanderpump Rules' Star Brittany Cartwright Speaks Out Following Cheating Scandal

Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright has spoken out following a really tough Monday night. Fans of the hit Bravo show learned that Jax Taylor admitted to cheating on his girlfriend with former SUR employee, Faith Stowers, after he spent a good deal of time denying the rumors.

If you watch Lisa Vanderpump's popular spinoff show, you may have recognized Faith, who was first introduced on Vanderpump Rules a couple of seasons ago. While she isn't part of the main cast, she has been on television quite a few times. Now, Faith's name is making headlines because she slept with Jax Taylor. Yes, you read that right. Jax has been up to his old tricks again (cheating on girlfriends and lying about it).

Last week's premiere was especially tough for Brittany Cartwright to watch because she was forced to relive a really difficult time in her relationship. Don't forget, Cartwright gave up her life in Kentucky to move to Los Angeles and has dedicated her life to Jax, something that was considered risky, as Jax has been known to be a bit of a playboy, if you will.

As you can probably imagine, watching Jax admit that he cheated on her, and also that he lied to her about it, was really tough on Brittany. And while people have been chewing her out, asking her why she continues to stay with Jax even though he was unfaithful to her, Brittany has already made peace with what happened -- and she just wants to move on.

"[Seven] months have passed. It's been tough but I'm trying to move forward not back. God Bless," Brittany posted on Instagram about an hour ago.

And Brittany isn't kidding. She has made amends with Jax, and she has found it in her heart to forgive him. The two have worked hard to move past Jax's misstep -- and even spent Thanksgiving together. A couple of weeks ago, the two were in Florida, taking in a Tampa Bay Lightning game (Jax has been a fan for years). They spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Jax's family in Tarpon Springs, about an hour outside of the city.

I got to meet the two, who seemed very much in love at the time. I would have never guessed that such a bombshell would explode on Vanderpump Rules this season. The bottom line is this: If Brittany is willing to forgive Jax and move on, her fans should respect that decision and try to do the same. It's her life, after all.