'90 Day Fiance' Star David's Daughter, Ashley Toborowsky, Explains Reason She Was Disrespectful To Him

This week, on a new episode of 90 Day Fiance, everyone saw David bring his fiance, Annie, to meet his kids. These two had a huge fight, and Ashley was actually pretty disrespectful to her father. Now, she is speaking out in an interview and letting fans know why she treated him that way. Reality Blurb shared the details of what Ashley had to say.

David Toborowsky and his fiance, Annie Suwan, are back in the United States now preparing for their big wedding. His kids didn't even know he was engaged until he met with them with Annie and let them know. First off, Ashley made sure to let Annie know that David cheated on her mom and even with prostitutes. Of course, that didn't go over well. She doesn't think highly of her father.

Ashley did an interview with YouTube host Auntie's Advice and didn't hold back about her dad and why she treated him the way that she did on the show. Ashley has three kids and two stepkids, so she does know what it is like to be a parent.

It turns out that Ashley and David were really close when she was a child, but that didn't last for them. She shared that her dad's life is basically about his best friend, Chris, and that he traveled all the time when they were younger. She also missed him a lot when he was gone.

Ashley also doesn't believe that her dad really wants to make amends with his children. That is really what it looks like on the show, but she isn't buying it from him at all. She does believe that he loves his children, though. It really doesn't look like this relationship is one that is going to be fixed anytime soon. David is also an alcoholic, according to his daughter.

Now, when it comes to Annie, she doesn't have anything bad to say about her. It turns out that they don't talk much, but that is really all she said. She isn't a huge fan of the age difference. Ashley also had nice things to say about Chris and Nikki. The viewers saw that they are helping David out financially and giving him a place to live for awhile.

It doesn't look like Ashley Toborowsky and her dad, David, are going to be working things out anytime soon. The fans would love to see them work it out. Don't miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.