'Below Deck' Star Captain Lee Regrets Promoting Nico To Bosun

The Below Deck reunion show starts tonight, and there are some differences of opinion between Captain Lee and Nico Scholly about Nico's promotion to bosun. It seems that when Captain Lee promoted Nico to bosun on the finale of Below Deck, there was a lot that he didn't know about Nico's behavior. After Captain Lee watched the current season, he said he wished he hadn't surprised Nico with the bosun promotion on the Below Deck finale because what he saw was someone who exhibited immature behavior.

Trouble On Below Deck Season 5 Started Early

Below Deck Season 5 was loaded with problems, which started with a green crew for the experienced Captain Lee. There were many issues that fans of Below Deck saw when watching the show, including bumping the dock, and also several injuries, but there are even more troubles that didn't make it onto the show.

The Silver Queen, which was a boat that served the yacht on production, sank while Bravo was shooting Below Deck in St. Maarten, and the crew watched it sink.

"We were entering the Marina when I heard something and suddenly everybody started to yell 'Get Out'. The other boats' captains came to take the crew with their dinghies. I could take my things, I mean, the most important things, and I left the ship. Nobody got hurt. I was just afraid someone got electrocuted with all this water and the elctronic [sic] stuffs around."

Captain Lee Complains About Below Deck Nico And His Immaturity

In a clip from tonight's Below Deck reunion, Captain Lee says what's on his mind about Nico's immature behavior over the course of the season. Fans of Below Deck saw Nico, still reeling from the death of his brother, acting like a jerk for much of the season, constantly complaining that he wasn't bosun. Then, in voiceovers, Nico started threatening what he would do even he wasn't made bosun by a particular charter.

Hollywood Life says that the mood was tense on the set of the Below Deck reunion at the Andy Cohen WWHL clubhouse on Bravo (which airs tonight).

Captain Lee told Andy Cohen that after watching Season 5 of Below Deck, he regrets promoting Nico because the promotion to bosun wasn't earned.

"I never would have given him the promotion. [He] didn't earn it. I didn't see the childish behavior all through the season that he was exhibiting. And, I didn't appreciate it. That tells me that he hadn't gone through the maturation process to the level that he should've to be able to lead a crew properly."

When Andy asked Nico what he thought about what Captain Lee had to say, Nico attempted to humble himself, suggesting what he should have done differently on Season 5 of Below Deck.

"Yeah, I don't know; pretty hard to hear. I feel like I did, but you're right about the whole maturity level and I shouldn't have been acting that way and it was out of character. But, I do feel like I did earn that position and I can take on that responsibility."
But Captain Lee explained to Nico that it was a bit late for self-awareness, and someone with more maturity would have realized that issues at the time and not months after Below Deck wrapped.

When we last saw the cast of Below Deck there was still tension between chief stew Kate and her underling Jen who butted heads during much of the season mostly due to Jen's inexperience. Often, Bri, the other stew, got sucked into the drama, too, says People.

And There Were More Conflicts On Below Deck This Season

After Jen last complained to Kate, saying that she was never allowed to talk, Kate put her in her place, explaining that working on a yacht was obviously not the career for her.

"You're being rude. You're acting like a 3-year-old. Why don't you go live on your glass house on land, because you're clearly not a yachty."

It looks pretty likely that Kate and Jen will go another round on the Below Deck reunion tonight.