Serena Williams Drops Australian Open Hints On Instagram As Baby Daughter Works Out With Daddy Alexis Ohanian

It's on every tennis fan's mind whether Serena Williams will participate in this coming year's Australian Open. The 36-year-old player won last year's title while three weeks pregnant with her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian. While the Australian Open's tournament director has stated that there is a chance she will defend her championship title this year, the American legend herself has yet confirmed it.

However, her latest Instagram post seems to hint at the fact that she is ready to get back on the court, despite the fact that she just came back from her honeymoon and delivered her baby daughter.

This year has been a wild ride for the 36-year-old American tennis player. Not only did she win the title at Australian Open, but she also gave birth to her first child with Alexis Ohanian, the Reddit co-founder, planned a fairytale wedding in New Orleans and honeymooned on a private island in the Caribbean.

The rumor has it that she also has been training, ever since she gave birth, to defend her title at 2018 Australian Open, which begins on January 15.

"She's got her visa, she's entered, she's practicing and she's probably just got to find a bit more space for a bigger entourage," he said to Herald Sun. "There's no question that she'll be ready in our view and she wants to break a record that is Margaret Court's. It would be a pretty significant accomplishment for her to be able to do that."

Check out the Instagram post Serena made on the tennis court.

But it's not just Serena who has been getting her physique and fitness up. The father of her babby and her daughter have also been hitting the gym. Considering that Olympia is the daughter of one of the best tennis players ever, it looks like she is ready to get her career started as well.Despite the fact that the American tennis player has been busy with countless life happenings, it looks like she still has time to keep her fans updated on the goings-on in her daughter's life. Right after Olympia came into the world, Serena and Alexis opened up an Instagram account for her, uploading cute pictures of their first baby.Alexis Ohanian is also an avid social media user, often using his and his wife's fame to promote good causes.Serena Williams still has yet to officially announce her entry at 2018 Australian Open.