'Dog The Bounty Hunter': Has Beth Chapman's Cancer Returned?

Beth Chapman of Dog The Bounty Hunter fame has beaten cancer, but a recent tweet has revealed that there's something else going on in Beth's life right now -- something serious.

"It's been a very hard week for us your thoughts and comments are so comforting thank you for being here for us during such a trying time we feel the love here at The Chapman hale & [Dog and Beth]," she tweeted on December 10.

Her post had fans freaking out, with many wondering if Beth's cancer had returned. Beth didn't elaborate on the tweet, and a thorough search through the post's comments show well-wishes and prayers sent by several of Beth Chapman's Twitter followers.

It appears as though the post may have been connected to heartache of a different kind. At the end of Beth's recent post, she added pawprint emojis. Could she be referencing something that has to do with her dog? Beth and her husband, Duane, lost their dog, Delilah back in October. The dog reportedly died of a broken heart and may have been negatively impacted by Beth's cancer.

It seems as though Beth's hospital stays and treatment for her stage II throat cancer may have caused Delilah to feel neglected. Of course, dogs don't understand why their owners leave and can't process much information about their owners needing to be away, so it's entirely possible that Delilah felt as though she was abandoned.

Details surrounding Delilah's death were not made available and it is unclear how old the dog was. However, the Chapman's dog was a very big part of their family -- like a child -- which isn't uncommon. Check out the photo below, which Beth posted on Instagram shortly after Delilah's passing.

"As I've been begging my doctors and my friends to let me go home my very precious baby died. She just waited and waited but mommy never came. I'm sick with grief from the loss of my fur baby Delilah… you were a good ol' road dog girl I'll love and miss you forever," Beth wrote on Facebook at the time, according to Radar Online.

Beth Chapman hasn't posted any kind of cancer update on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Fans are still under the impression that she is cancer-free after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her throat a few months ago.

Beth and her husband recently appeared on a two-hour special that aired on A&E. At the end of the special, Beth revealed that her cancer was gone. Fans are hoping that whatever Beth is going through right now isn't too serious and that she is still healthy. Many are anxiously waiting for an update or some kind of clarification from the reality star, which could come sometime this week.