'Outlander' Season 4 Spoilers: Teaser Video Reveals A New Journey For Claire And Jamie

Outlander Season 4 spoilers are being sought after now that Season 3 has officially ended. The show's finale on Sunday ended with Claire and Jamie finding themselves in America after being shipwrecked on their way back to Scotland from Jamaica. Now, the couple will start a brand new journey in a brave new land, but fans will have to wait until next year to find out how it all plays out.

Warning: Major Outlander Spoilers for Season 4 and The Drums of Autumn book below!

According to E! Online, Outlander Season 4 has already started filming, and Starz has already given fans a brand new sneak peek at the upcoming batch of episodes to help ease the show's off season, known as "Droughtlander" for viewers. The teaser video promises "a new land" and "a new journey" as Claire tells Jamie about America, and what it will become. The two share a sweet moment together in the quick 20-second clip, but fans are already speculating about what will come next for the beloved characters now that they have landed in America and are facing a whole new set of problems and issues, and what is in store for their daughter Briana as well.

As many Outlander fans know, Season 4 will be based off of the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon's series of novels, titled Drums Of Autumn. In the novel, Claire and Jamie begin a new chapter of their lives in America after washing up on the coast of Georgia. All the while, their daughter Briana is back in the 20th century alone and lonely. She misses her mother, Claire, and longs to know her father, Jamie. When Briana finds a piece of history that threatens to destroy her parent's happiness she decides to go through the stones and back in time herself to save them. Of course, Roger, will feel the need to follow her through the stones.

Outlander fans who have read the books know that Briana and Roger can travel through the stones because of their bloodline. Briana is the daughter of traveler Claire and Roger is a direct descendant of another traveler, Geiles Duncan, who also believed that there was a ritual that needed to be followed to pass through the stones.

Other noteworthy events that happen in the fourth Outlander book include the return of Lord John Gray, who shows up in America with Jamie's son, Willy, Briana arriving at Lallybroch to shock Jenny and her family, as well as Briana is raped by a new villain and becoming pregnant. However, the big thing that fans are looking forward to seeing is Jamie finally getting to meet his daughter.

It remains to be seen what parts of the book will play out on the television series, but it seems that Outlander fans are in store for a huge Season 4 when the show returns to Starz in 2018.