'General Hospital' Theory: Is Drew Faison's 'Severed Branch' Of The Quartermaine Family Tree?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors hint that "The Severed Branch," the title of the manuscript supposedly written by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), could be a reference to Drew (Billy Miller). Drew, according to a theory making the rounds on online forums, is "The Severed Branch" of the Quartermaine family tree who, driven by jealousy, tried to graft himself back to the family tree by hatching an evil and sinister plot to replace his brother, Jason (Steve Burton), after kidnapping him and receiving a graft of his memory.

Cain Hatched A Plot To Murder His Brother Abel

General Hospital rumors suggest the re-emergence of Drew's (Billy Miller) dark side when he recovers his memory and identity as the former Navy SEAL Andrew Cain. A new video promo which shows an enraged Drew attacking Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) at the PCPD is being touted as an intimation of Drew's currently hidden, violent, dark side.

Rumors about a dark side to Drew's character emerged after some fans pointed out that GH's choice of the adoptive name Kane or "Cain" for Drew might have been inspired by the biblical evil brother Cain, who murdered his innocent brother Abel out of jealousy. Some fans speculate that Betsy's claim that it was Franco (Roger Howarth) who attacked Drew and pushed him down the stairs when they were young children might not be accurate, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Fans pushing the Drew dark side theory note the fact that Betsy admitted that she did not really witness Franco attacking Drew, so it is possible that it was Drew who actually attacked Franco.

Fans will also recall that Franco was deeply disturbed by Betsy's story that he tried to hurt Drew by pushing him down the stairs. Franco was disturbed because he wanted to believe that his violent and homicidal behavior when he was older was due to a brain tumor that affected his personality and that he was not born that way. Betsy's story, on the contrary, suggests there had been a dark side to Franco's personality since he was a child. If this is true, it means that the tumor does not entirely explain his evil and violent behavior as an adult.

Other fans claim that GH might have dropped another hint of a dark side to Drew when Kim (Tamara Braun) claimed she feared Drew had a hidden dark side when he suddenly disappeared, and the Navy said he had deserted. However, she changed her mind when she learned that he was kidnapped and used as a guinea pig in a memory transfer study.

Fans who promote the Drew dark side theory also point to Jason's and Sonny's conviction, based on new leads, that Faison's mysterious traitor currently lives in Port Charles, but no one suspects that he is one of the persons behind the memory transfer experiment.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Drew's evil side could re-emerge when the forgotten memories of his past resurface. "The Severed Branch," the title of the manuscript supposedly composed by Faison (Anders Hove), under his pen name P.K. Sinclair, is a reference to the evil twin Andrew Cain, the "traitor," according to current speculation. Drew could be considered the branch of the Quartermaine family tree that was "severed" due to fears that his evil nature made him a threat to the rest of the family.

Drew, according to the dark side theory of his character, might have been complicit in the twin study. As "The Severed Branch," he coveted Jason's life and thus planned to have him kidnapped. He arranged to receive a copy of his memory as part of the plot to replace him. However, the memory swap experiment erased Drew's personal memory, so after the experiment, he forgot his role as the mastermind who set up the plot. This explains why he thinks he is a victim when, in fact, he is the mastermind.

The information that Sonny and Jason obtained through Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) suggests that the plan had originally been to kidnap Jason, kill him, and then replace him with "The Severed Branch." Drew is the jealous brother Cain, who hatched a plan to kill his brother Abel. However, Drew might have secretly left instructions to Dr. Klein to keep Jason alive for some sinister but secret purpose which later backfired when Jason escaped from the clinic and returned to Port Charles to claim his identity.

When Drew's memory of his past is triggered, and he remembers his true identity and the details of his plan to replace his brother, he would seek to correct his mistake by trying to murder Jason, according to the Drew dark side theory.