'General Hospital' Head Writer Explains Why Steve Burton Had To Be Jason, Q Family Drama Ahead

General Hospital brought back Steve Burton for an exciting twist this year. When ABC made the official announcement about the actor's comeback to GH, a lot of fans were excited about the changes he will bring to the soap. Burton played the role of Jason Morgan before he left General Hospital, and Billy Miller took over the role in 2014. With two Jasons in town, writers had to a make choice on what to do with the two Jasons.

General Hospital co-head writer Chris Van Etten explained how they decided on what to do with two Jasons. According to him, they played out different scenarios. In fact, they even considered telling a story where Jason is neither of the two. According to Soap Hub Van Etten also revealed that his favorite scene was where one of the Jasons is Casey the Alien because he loved to dig deep into General Hospital's history.

"It was definitely difficult in that we had to take time to play out each scenario, and figure out which one would give us the biggest bang for our buck, and at the same time honor the story we are telling and honor the characters. It was also about which one was going to give us the most fallout to play. I think we have that now."
Billy Miller had a great chemistry with Kelly Monaco who played the role of Sam, but Steve Burton also had a lot of loyal followers. Considering General Hospital history, the most obvious choice was for Burton to take over the role of Jason. This will also be the more dramatic route for the soap. As for the recent happenings in Port Charles, spoilers tease Jason Morgan will be magnanimous towards Drew.
In the aftermath of the identity reveal, General Hospital spoilers tease more drama ahead. Jason Morgan will struggle with his new reality including the loss of his family. Drew will also start piecing his past together. Kim revealed he is Oscar's father. Spoilers tease Drew needs to think about how to deal with a teenage son. However, Kim wanted Drew to wait until she talks to the child.

According to Kim, Drew got her pregnant and he was already deployed when she learned about her condition. In 2013, Kim gave the search another try, but the Navy revealed he was a deserter. In Monday's episode of General Hospital, Oscar learned about the content of the DNA test results. Spoilers tease keeping the truth from Oscar will prove to be difficult.

Drew will continue to feel bitter with the realization that he has been living the life of his twin, but Jason will be the bigger person. He doesn't blame his twin for filling in his shoes during his absence. General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will offer a friendly advice for his brother since they were both victimized by someone with a twisted mind.