Meghan Markle Shares Top Five Weight Loss Tips To Prevent Pippa Middleton’s Booty From Upstaging Her Wedding

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Meghan Markle won’t have to worry about her future royal relative Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa stealing the spotlight when Markle weds Prince Harry. Pippa famously captured the attention of the world on Kate’s wedding day by wearing an outfit that flaunted her perfect posterior. But even the Middleton sisters won’t outdo Meghan as she walks slowly down the aisle to tie the knot with Harry, because Markle has shared her special weight loss plan designed to keep her own booty looking just beautiful. She has five top tips that will outdo even Pippa Middleton’s bum on her best day.

Meghan Markle Tip One: Get Hot For Yoga

Although brides are known for following strict pre-wedding crash diets and fitness plans, Meghan already has her shape-up schedule in place, pointed out the Daily Star. Markle already earned fame for her perfect body as an actress, and now she’s using those same secrets to look gorgeous in her wedding gown.

Yoga ranks as Meghan’s top tip, helping her get over any pre-wedding day jitters through its relaxing powers while boosting flexibility and improving her posture. Getting enough sleep is important to look her best when she ties the knot with Prince Harry, and yoga has even been shown to cut down on insomnia.

Prior to becoming engaged to Harry, Markle even showed off her yoga poses for Canada’s Best Health magazine.

Markle frequently praises the power of yoga in interviews. She recently shared that the benefits that she experiences from yoga include “increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety, and better sleep.”

Meghan Markle Tip Two: Outdo Pippa Middleton’s Booty With Booty-Shaping Class

Sorry, Pippa Middleton, but when it comes to photographers snapping photos of posteriors on Prince Harry’s wedding day, Meghan is doing all that she can to keep her rear view looking good.

“Meghan has made sure that Pippa Middleton won’t be upstaging her on her wedding day.”

The secret’s in the fitness class. Fitness trainer Russell Bateman is known for his shape-that-booty sessions, and Markle is keeping her posterior toned with the special workouts. The classes include squats and lunges, designed to exercise the muscles that help to form a shapely, rounded rear.

Meghan Markle Tip Three: Burn 700 Calories in 55 Minutes With This Workout

While weight loss on its own won’t produce the perfect posterior, neither will just exercising. Markle has found the solution to create a wedding day body that Pippa will envy. She combines cardio exercises with core-tightening moves in Pilates Platinum.

“Just 55 minutes can burn 700 calories — the equivalent of a 14-inch pizza.”

Meghan shared that this type of Pilates is the “instant” method for toning and aligning the body while burning calories quickly. Pilates Platinum includes traditional Pilates, strength-training exercises, and cardio moves.

Meghan Markle Tip Four: Become A Flexible Vegan

If Markle’s wedding rehearsal dinner features roast beef, her diet allows her to enjoy it. Meghan has shared that she follows a vegan diet Monday through Friday. But she keeps her food plan flexible, allowing indulgences on weekends and special occasions.

Prince Harry's future wife Megan Markle is working to ensure that Pippa Middleton's booty won't steal the spotlight at her wedding.
Prince Harry's future wife Megan Markle is working to ensure that Pippa Middleton's booty won't steal the spotlight at her wedding. Featured image credit: KGC-375STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Markle’s plant-based food regime has been shown to lower blood pressure as well as helping her to keep that hourglass figure in perfect shape. During the week, if Meghan does take a break from her vegan diet, she tends to eat fish along with her vegetables.

“I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends,” she clarified.

Meghan Markle Tip Five: Put On An Apron And Cook

Prince Harry won’t need to have a pizza delivery company on speed dial. His future wife believes in making her own meals so that she can control how much sugar and salt are in each dish.

Pippa Middleton's perfect posterior famously upstaged Kate Middleton on her wedding day.
Pippa Middleton's perfect posterior famously upstaged Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Featured image credit: Alastair GrantAP Images

Markle has said that she takes pride in preparing her own meals and cooking at home on a daily basis.

“I love to cook, so every day I’m cooking something.”

Rather than dine in restaurants, Meghan and Prince Harry are more likely to eat at home. She feels that making her own meals gives her something to “take some pride in,” preferring cooking at home to eating out. It also helps Markle control her calories, helping her to achieve her dream body and ignore any contenders such as Pippa Middleton when her wedding day finally arrives.