Video: Melinda McGillivray On 'Megyn Kelly Today,' Trump Grabbed My Butt, Angry Melania Caught Him Flirting

Melinda McGillivray said Donald Trump had a look of guilt on his face the day that Melinda said Trump grabbed the right side of her rear end with Melania Trump standing right there. McGillivray appeared on Megyn Kelly Today, as seen in the below video, on Tuesday, December 12, to give her side of the story of what she says happened when she visited Mar-a-Lago. Melinda or "Mindy" previously told the Palm Beach Post that she assisted photographer Bob Davidoff at a Mar-a-Lago concert with Ray Charles when Trump allegedly groped McGillivray.

Melinda said that Ray Charles was there also, and after Trump allegedly grabbed her behind, McGillivray was in shock but ran after Ray to give Charles a big hug and to tell the singer and musician just how much she appreciated him. Melinda's photographer tried to get a photo-op with Charles but missed the moment. Melinda told Kelly that chasing after Ray gave her an opportunity to get away from Trump.

Melinda said she told her friend that Donald had just "grabbed her caboose," but her friend told her not to say anything at the moment. McGillivray said that if Trump had accidentally touched her butt that day at Mar-a-Lago, he would have said he was sorry or something to that effect. Instead, Melinda told Megyn that she believes Trump knew exactly what he did and that it was wrong.

In 2001, at a Huey Lewis and the News concert, when Melinda came out of the bathroom, Donald was there, saying something about the weather in a debonair type of "Rico Suave" way that proved he was flirting, McGillivray told Megyn. Melania was there and didn't look happy. Melania threw her scarf around her neck and rushed into the bathroom. McGillivray said that it was time to go because Trump was flirting, and Melania was mad.

Melinda said she was shocked when she saw that President Trump won the presidency, telling Megyn that she can't look up to a man like Trump, who has called all the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct liars who he has never met. Melinda demands an investigation into all of the reports of Trump's alleged wrongdoings.

If 16 women have come forward, Melinda wants to know why an investigation into alleged sexual wrongdoings by Trump hasn't begun. McGillivray said that she was muscling through the interview with Kelly and that she came forward for herself, her daughter, and her country.
"The truth will set you free. I'm going to practice my First Amendment. The First Amendment is more powerful than the Second."
Melinda was honest with Megyn about the radical changes she has made in her life after getting a DUI for driving under the influence with a child in her car. Melinda said that she didn't want to be called a liar but wants the nation to wake up to what's really going on in the world, not caring who Trump is or any other man who allegedly violates a woman.

Video Melinda McGillivray On Megyn Kelly Today - Trump Grabbed My Butt Angry Melania Caught Him