VRV Adds DramaFever's Korean Drama TV Shows: Bundle Offers 'My Secret Romance,' 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon'

The streaming VRV system just grew a little bit bigger. DramaFever's Korean drama TV shows (K-Dramas) are now joining the VRV lineup as one of their premium channels all for the same price.

VRV (pronounced "verve") is partnering with DramaFever to elevate VRV's international programming with K-Dramas, variety shows, movies, and kids' programming. On top of English subtitles, all of the episodes are available in multiple languages with professional subtitles. It's an exciting yet logical move for these two platforms. DramaFever's content fits right in with VRV's roster of passionate fandoms, which is known for providing TV shows that appeal to the geekier side.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with VRV, particularly since we both share the same mission – to offer a growing fan base a seamless viewing experience for highly addictive and uniquely entertaining content from around the world," said Rena Liu, General Manager of DramaFever.

"We are honored to partner with DramaFever, an established player in the SVOD space, whom we've been watching from afar for some time," said Eric Berman, Head of Partnerships for VRV. "They bring an immense amount of premium content from across the world, providing even more unique value to the VRV offering and further leveling-up our ability to serve passionate audiences."

VRV's DramaFever channel joins Funimation, CuriosityStream, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Nerdist, and other channels as part of VRV's Premium offering for $9.99 a month, or as a stand-alone offering through VRV for $4.99 a month. To put the bundle deal into perspective, it would normally cost around $15 a month if Funimation, Crunchyroll, and DramaFever were to be subscribed to separately.

Some of the new popular K-Dramas include My Secret Romance and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Here are some other examples of DramaFever's Korean drama TV shows that will be available.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

"When Ah Zhai, a nerdy introvert, discovers a dark technology that allows him to order the perfect robot girlfriend, he can't believe his luck. Unfortunately, he made a mistake in his order and got both his dream-girl android, Eve, and her handsome guy-bot, Adam. In Ah Zhai's failed attempts to reprogram Eve, she ends up with multiple personalities that range from helpless maiden to violent goddess. What is the poor Ah Zhai to do? Where will this fantastical triangle lead?"

Running Man

"Hilarious, long-running variety show that's become a global cult hit. The lovable regular cast mix with K-Pop and K-Drama guest stars each week in over-the-top challenges designed for maximum ridiculousness. A must for anyone who loves the 'wacky Asian game shows' genre."


"An elite former secret service agent and the hidden daughter of a presidential candidate team up in order to get revenge on those who wronged them."


"In 1986, a policeman chases a killer through a mysterious tunnel, and time-travels thirty years into the future. He's in for quite a culture shock, if the killer doesn't get him first."

VRV Plans On Growing Even More

VRV is growing at a rapid pace as part of their plan to stand up against competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I recently interviewed the company to find out what they had planned.

DramaFever Logo
DramaFever offers a variety of Korean TV shows.

"From a partner standpoint, we operate pretty differently than Netflix. Many of our partners are brands that have owned and operated experiences – Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Shudder, and Funimation," said Arlen Marmel, General Manager of VRV. "For them, VRV is an opportunity to reach new audiences, build their brand, and access ancillary revenue streams. When a user buys any of these channels a la carte we share 70 percent of the sub-revenue. We also share 70 percent of the ad revenue with our partners and compensate each uniquely for participation in the bundle. This helps them reinvest in programming to grow their business."

To read more, check out the full interview with VRV and Crunchyroll.