Flaunting Dinosaur Was A Prehistoric Booty Shaker

flaunting dinosaur

The discovery of a “flaunting dinosaur” proves, if anything, that all living creatures on Earth (extinct or not) are hardwired for at least one activity — shaking it like a polaroid picture.

While imagery of a flaunting dinosaur may be somewhat comic, the impetus behind the creature’s behavior is the one at the heart of many of our bizarre habits as well — attracting a mate.

Nelly and Murphy Lee have rapped and sung about shaking your tailfeathers, and for plumed dinosaurs — or flaunting dinosaurs — the practice far outdated humans. A new study, published in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, explains that even in the pre “da club” era, beasts whose species are appended with “asauras” also engaged in booty popping to lure potential mates.

The flaunting dinosaur study lead author Scott Persons told Discovery News that while the basic facts are something paleontologists can piece together, scientists lament that a dino can never teach us how to dougie:

“Oviraptors clearly had the anatomy needed to sinuously swish and to gracefully flaunt their tails … I suspect that a displaying oviraptor would be quite a sight, but the precise choreography of a dinosaur mating dance is the sort of thing that you can’t learn from bones and is, sadly, the sort of thing that paleontologists will probably never know.”

Let’s all take a moment to process the fact that we too will never really know how a flaunting dinosaur made it rain in the club.

Dirty Dancing Remake

Persons adds that we don’t know exactly what the flaunting dinosaur plumage looked like, though we have an idea:

“Exceptional fossils of oviraptors from China, which were preserved in fine volcanic ash, show definitively that at least some of the tail feathers had bands of contrasting color … They may have had iridescent feathers, like a peacock, but that is a harder question, and one without definitive evidence.”

Persons also says the flaunting dinosaurs are less like a dry exercise in reptilian study and to “think of it as a trip to Las Vegas, because there would be tail-feather fans on show girls for you.”