Blake Shelton Calls Out Miley Cyrus For Her 'Embarrassing C**p'

Blake Shelton poked a little fun at fellow The Voice coach Miley Cyrus on last night's (December 12) first of two semi-final episodes of Season 13, where he spoke about the singer's "embarrassing c**p." The singer joked about his fellow coach and her unique career choices on the show after Miley admitted that she was embarrassed about how she desperately tried to get contestant Red Marlow on her team during the blind audition rounds earlier this year.

After Red, who's on Team Blake, performed his rendition of Vince Gill's 1995 track "Go Rest High on That Mountain," Cyrus reflected on how desperate she was to get Red on her team at the beginning of the current season and joked about all the begging she did to try and convince him to join Team Miley.

The "Malibu" singer called fighting for the country star "one of the more embarrassing things I've done," before even admitting that she found it more embarrassing than when she stripped naked and rode a wrecking ball in the music video for her 2013 single "Wrecking Ball."

"I've swung naked on a wrecking ball, so I've done some embarrassing things," Miley then jokingly quipped on the show of her pretty controversial music video while giving Red her comments, per Daily Mail.

Shelton then took a playful jab at the star and her pretty eyebrow-raising career decisions over the past few years, calling her out by claiming that she's done far more embarrassing things than riding a wrecking ball in the nude for her music video four years ago.

Hitting back at his fellow coaches' claim, Blake responded, "You have done way more embarrassing c**p than that."

Cyrus appeared to take Shelton's jab all in her stride as she laughed along with the country star, but Blake's quips certainly weren't only reserved for Miley.

The "I'll Name The Dogs" singer also threw a little playful shade in Adam Levine's direction after he praised his contestant Adam Cunningham for not letting Levine choose what song he was going to sing during the semi-final.

"I'm so glad you're choosing your own songs now," Blake told contestant Adam, throwing some subtle shade at his coach after Cunningham chose Lonestar's "I'm Already There" to sing. "You sang the hell out of it, dude."

But it seems like Miley and Adam are probably both pretty used to Blake's playful jabs by now.

While Levine has been dealing with Shelton's jokey nature for the past 13 seasons of The Voice, Cyrus has also been subjected to the country singer's jokey taunts in the past.

Back in 2016, Shelton even described Cyrus as being an "a**hole" when revealing that he'd been telling her dad, his friend and fellow country star Billy Ray Cyrus, about her antics on the set prior to Miley's first stint as a coach on The Voice in 2016.

Blake Shelton Slams Miley Cyrus For Her 'Embarrassing C--p'

"I've known her dad for years and so it's like, 'I'm gonna call your dad! I will tell your dad what an a**hole you're being right now, so you better settle down, missy!'" Blake joked during an appearance on Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show, Chelsea.

He then shut down any reports of a feud between himself and Miley, admitting that even though they have very different personalities and careers, he couldn't imagine himself ever having an issue with the pop star and actress.

"We completely understand each other, and just because she lives her life one way and I live my life one way doesn't mean we're not friends," Shelton added at the time.

Season 13 of The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.