Here's The Plan For Braun Strowman, Kane, And Brock Lesnar At 'Royal Rumble'

There have been several rumors regarding Brock Lesnar's next match at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV next month, but the powers that be have yet to reveal his opponent. The rumor mill has claimed that Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and others have all been considered. However, it wasn't until last night that Braun Strowman and Kane fought for the chance to challenge The Beast for the WWE Universal Championship at the event.

Unfortunately, Kane and Strowman fought to a no contest last night on Raw. As of this writing, Lesnar still does not have an opponent set for the Royal Rumble, but WWE officials may have revealed their plans for Brock Lesnar's Universal Title defense at the PPV. As reported by Wrestling News, it's being rumored that Kane and Strowman fighting to a no contest was a way to set up a massive Triple Threat Match between all three men at the upcoming event.

It's been reported that Brock Lesnar won't appear at the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber PPV and is highly unlikely to defend the Universal Title again until WrestleMania 34. If that's the case, WWE officials are going to book Lesnar very strongly at the Royal Rumble and defeating both Kane and Strowman in the same match will accomplish that goal. Plus, it'll be another match to showcase "The Monster Among Men."

Kane and Braun Strowman Ended In a Draw On Raw Last Night
Both Braun Strowman and Kane are expected to face Brock Lesnar at the 'Royal Rumble.'

WWE officials didn't want to book Braun Strowman against Brock Lesnar in another singles match because they don't want to force Braun to lose another big match, and he's already put over Lesnar. However, he has also been deadlocked in a huge rivalry with Kane. A Triple Threat Match will allow Brock to pin Kane while protecting Strowman from taking the loss simultaneously. Kane vs. Lesnar is also an exciting new matchup.

Kane's involvement in the bout will elevate Lesnar and Strowman exactly how WWE officials want them to be heading into WrestleMania season. The WWE Universe would rather have someone like Finn Balor face The Beast Incarnate at the Royal Rumble, but Kane vs. Lesnar vs. Strowman in a Triple Threat Match may be the most logical option to kill two birds with one stone during one of the biggest PPVs of the entire year.