A First Look At Taron Egerton As Robin Hood Has Been Revealed

There is a new version of the classic Robin Hood story heading to theaters in 2018, and audiences are getting their first official look at Taron Egerton as he takes on the role of the title character. While it is clear that Egerton is Robin Hood in the images shared on the movie's official Twitter page, there is definitely a lack of green in the character's outfit.

While there have been plenty of takes on the character and his story, with this new adaptation, it seems that director Otto Bathurst is offering a brand new interpretation of the classic tale, which will be grittier and much more dark than previous versions. Even in the first look images that have been released, it is clear that Taron Egerton is an entirely different Robin Hood than audiences have seen in the past.

With three images having been shared on the Robin Hood Twitter page, audiences are getting three different looks at Egerton in action. One of the tweeted image shows Taron Egerton alongside Eve Hewson, who plays Maid Marion, in a scene that appears to be Robin Hood showing his leading lady how to shoot a bow and arrow. Then there is a second image which looks to be part of an action sequence with Egerton, while the third photo shows Robin Hood alongside Little John, played by Jamie Foxx.

As Cinema Blend reported, the aesthetic of all these images is one that seems to fall in line with the new darker and more gritty tone of the movie. In these first look pictures, Taron Egerton's Robin Hood has yet to take up the rather iconic green that he is known for in past incarnations of the character. However, while Robin Hood is often seen in a rather bright and vibrant green costume, it is unlikely that the aesthetic of the film will see him in that same shade of green. Instead, if the character does end up in a green costume, it will likely be more of a dark camouflage green to fall in line with the apparent backstory that will see the character having fought in the crusades.
While it is clear that Robin Hood is a grittier character this time around, he is not the only one getting a makeover, as Jamie Foxx's Little John also looks to be a much more serious and gritty individual as well. Although there is no footage to go along with these images at this time, just based on these three pictures, it looks like audiences can expect to see a bit of a change when it comes to the classic story of the hero who takes from the rich in order to give back to the poor.