‘Teen Mom OG’ Catelynn Lowell Leaving Rehab Early, Which Has Husband Tyler Upset?

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell, 25, was praised for entering rehab last month after having suicidal thoughts. One month later, Lowell is leaving rehab early and her husband Tyler Baltierra, 25, seems to be a little worried about this decision.

According to Hollywood Life, Catelynn has decided to leave rehab early, despite the hopes of her counselors. A source close to Catelynn and her husband Tyler told Hollywood Life that this was Catelynn’s choice to leave rehab just under a month of being there.

“It wasn’t planned for Catelynn to get out. They had a group/family therapy session during their visit and Catelynn pretty much said she wanted to go home.”

Catelynn may think it is a good idea to leave rehab early, but her husband does not agree with the Teen Mom OG star. The source claimed that Tyler was a “little worried” about Catelynn deciding to leave rehab so abruptly. While he is worried, Hollywood Life stated that Tyler is being “supportive overall” of her and her decision.

Hollywood Life and their source may claim that Tyler is worried about Catelynn leaving early, but it does not show with his Instagram post revealing the big news for Catelynn.

Lowell first entered rehab back on November 18 due to suicidal thoughts. At the time, Catelynn said she had “thought of every way to kill” herself before making the choice to get some help with her issues. Since entering rehab, it looks like she has come off of suicide watch, as the source said, “She’s not on suicide watch, but her counselors think more time in treatment would be beneficial.”

The counselors may think that Catelynn should remain in treatment, but the Teen Mom OG star disagrees and is leaving early. However, Catelynn will reportedly continue outpatient rehab once she gets back home.

Hollywood Life claimed that Catelynn was strong enough to know when she needed help. Because of that, she called upon other to help her out and entered a rehab program on her own. That could be a positive sign for Catelynn, as they stated it could also mean she knows when she is ready to leave.

She may be confident, but her husband is worried about what may happen once Catelynn leaves rehab. He will be there to support her, so hopefully leaving early is not a bad decision for Catelynn.