‘RHONY’ Bethenny Frankel Is Suing Ex Jason Hoppy For Custody Of Daughter

Demis MaryannakisAP Images

Just when it seemed that RHONY Bethenny Frankel and her ex Jason Hoppy were done in court, the two are headed back, this time for a custody battle. On December 6, Frankel reopened her divorce case against Hoppy to get custody of the couple’s daughter Bryn, age 7. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy seem to have more problems than most sharing custody, and so it looks like Bethenny Frankel is seeking full custody of the couple’s daughter.

RHONY Bethenny Frankel pressed charges against Jason Hoppy last year after she accused him of stalking her as well as sending her hundred of texts and emails of a threatening nature. Frankel said she feared for her safety and for the safety of their daughter Bryn.

At Bryn’s school, Jason Hoppy was heard yelling at Bethenny Frankel “I will destroy you!” and so Frankel had him arrested. Hoppy continued to threaten Frankel saying that it was her fault all was not going well in their relationship.

“We could have a much different relationship but you’re unwilling to shut your mouth about me and my daughter [a]nd refuse to cooperate. Ball[‘]s in your court to change it. I’m happy to meet for to discuss. And you know you’re the problem. But if not I wil[l] proceed as I see fit.”

This time, according to PageSix, Bethenny Frankel is taking Jason Hoppy to Family Court, which is a civil court, in order to determine custody of 7-year-old Bryn. In 2014, Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy agreed to share custody of Bryn, but after the events of last year, it seems that joint custody isn’t working for Bethenny.

But while waiting to go back to court with ex Jason Hoppy, RHONY Bethenny Frankel is making the most of the holiday season and is shopping for some more real estate says the Observer. On RHONY, Bethenny Frankel had told fans that she had “caught the real estate bug,” and it seems she really meant it as she has bought another Hamptons property.

Frankel has just picked up a Bridgehampton estate with seven bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms that she says she plans on using as an investment. The 4,239 square-foot home was reportedly used in the past as a bed and breakfast, known as the Morning Glory House. Before Bethenny Frankel bought the property, it was on the market for $2.5 million, but it is not known how much Frankel paid for it.


Bethenny Frankel will surely be the envy of the other Real Housewives as she adds to her real estate portfolio. Frankel is said to be holding onto her other Hamptons property on Lumber Lane, and she has at least two other homes.