'Rooftopper' Wu Yongning's Death Caught On Camera: Daredevil Fell From A 62-Story Building During A Stunt

"Rooftopper" Wu Yongning's plans for his future and his family would no longer be fulfilled as the famed Chinese daredevil accidentally plummeted to his death in a newly released footage of his last stunt atop the 62-story Huayuan International Center in Hunan Province, Central China.

According to What's On Weibo, a terrifying footage showcased the death of the daredevil who inadvertently captured his own death on camera while he was performing a high-altitude extreme stunt in Changsha, Hunan Province in China.

Based on the report, fans of the famed daredevil, who had been engaging in rooftop climbing or the so-called "rooftopping," started to grow weary after he hasn't posted an update on his Weibo account for a month.

As it turned out, one of China's self-proclaimed "first extreme heights challenger in the country" failed to cheat death this time around as he accidentally lost grip while performing his signature pull-ups from the skyscrapers.

As he does with his other stunts, Wu Yongning setup a camera on one part of the building to capture his performance. Unfortunately, what the clip captured this time around is one of the most terrifying things he—or anyone for that matter—could ever film.

Looking closely at the clip, it became apparent that Wu was having a hard time while he was trying to find a foothold on the side of the building. After a couple of seconds of struggling, he lost his grip and ultimately fell to his death.

According to Chinese media cited by BBC, his girlfriend, who goes by the name "Jin Jin," confirmed the 26-year-old daredevil's death when he fell from the Huayuan International Center in Changsha. Based on her post in China's version of Twitter, Wu's girlfriend explained that he was participating in a contest where he could win a substantial amount of money.
In a similar report from Hollywood Life, it was revealed that the famed Chinese rooftopper dropped 45 feet and landed on a terrace where his body was reportedly found by a window cleaner. Authorities have since ruled out foul play and declared his demise as an accident.

It was also revealed that he meant to propose to his girlfriend days before his untimely death. He planned to give her family a bridal gift of 80,000 Chinese yuan or about $12,000 which is approximately the same amount he would have earned from making of his latest viral video that ultimately became his last.