Todd Chrisley Reveals Who Real Boss In Their Family Is

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Todd Chrisley may seem like he is the boss of his house, but that isn’t the case at all according to his new Instagram post. Sometimes the wife is the boss and fans can tell that Julie Chrisley is in charge of a lot of things at their home. That isn’t who he was talking about, though. Todd went to his Instagram page to share who the real boss is and that just happens to be his granddaughter Chloe that they are raising. Todd shared a picture of the two together and said, “It’s just another day working for the boss Miss Chloe Chrisley…” It is hard not to imagine that someone that cute is the boss around there. She is the baby of the family.

The fans have noticed recently that Chloe Chrisley is back on the show again. She hasn’t been on it for a while over her parents fighting to keep her off reality television. The thing is Todd and Julie Chrisley never shared anything about her coming back or how they were able to pull it off. She just showed back up and the fans got really excited to see her on the show once again.

On the post, the fans are talking about how cute they think Chloe is and how much they love her. She is a great addition to the show. Grayson is cute, Chloe is a bit younger than him and it is great to see her back again. The fans are going to start seeing how she is the boss of the house. Grayson and Chloe have great chemistry together and this was something that was missing from the show when she wasn’t allowed to film it.

The addition to Chloe back on Chrisley Knows Best really does help bring a new life to the show. Everyone loves the entire Chrisley family, but a cute little girl is something that they can’t resist.

It’s just another day working for the boss Miss Chloe Chrisley ...

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Todd Chrisley fans love seeing Chloe back on the show again. Don’t miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to USA. Hopefully, everyone will be seeing a lot more of the boss Chloe. It also appears that a few new shows from the family are in the works.