‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Congratulates Grandma Carly, Jason Begs Sam Not To Walk Away In New Preview

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Jason MerrittGetty Images

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal the holiday teaser for the ABC soap. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) thinks congratulations are in order, and she will have no qualms about telling Carly she will be a grandma soon. Jason (Steve Burton) will have a revealing conversation with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). Anna (Finola Hughes) will also add some spice to the upcoming storylines.

Major Drama Ahead

The latest General Hospital preview promises more excitement for the Corinthos family. The heat is on for Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard). Nelle will not shy away from making the major announcement that they have a grandchild on the way. The holiday teaser for General Hospital shows Michael telling his mother that Nelle is pregnant. Nelle will be more than happy to congratulate the new grandma.

Prior General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly will not accept this situation easily. As usual, she will try to control the situation. However, Michael will try to find a way to prevent his parents from calling the shots. Nelle will not only be confident about breaking the news to Carly. She will also be the one to personally inform Sonny he will be a granddad. Dr. Kim Nero confirmed Nelle’s pregnancy, but it’s possible that they’re in cahoots. Nelle is not the most honest person in town, and she proved time and again how low she can stoop to get what she wants. There were also rumors Nelle’s pregnancy will be her exit story.

JaSam Closure?

The General Hospital holiday preview featured several couples, but Jason and Sam will have the most emotional encounter. Sam is reeling from the latest revelation about Jason and Drew (Billy Miller). After learning the truth, she decided to stay with Drew because she loved the man because of who he is. Spoilers tease Jason will ask Sam not to walk away. Sam and Jason will have an important conversation before they can move on with their lives. After all, they need to resolve a lot of issues in their family.


Aside from their relationship with Sam, spoilers suggest Drew and Jason will have several enemies to deal with. The mastermind behind the mind mapping study will be a priority, but the twins might deal with an enemy close to home. Drew and Jason might need to deal with Ned soon to resolve the problem with ELQ. Ned might take this opportunity to gain control of the company, and the twins need to act quickly.

Fiction to Fact

General Hospital spoilers tease Anna and Finn’s relationship might take an interesting turn. They decided to pretend they were a couple while digging information. However, the preview from ABC Soaps In Depth reveals Anna telling Finn “I’ll see you at home… honey.” General Hospital spoilers tease exciting scenes for the holidays.