New Yorker Magazine Fires Reporter Ryan Lizza Over Alleged 'Improper Sexual Conduct'

Ryan Lizza is the latest member of the mainstream news media who is out of a job for alleged sexual misbehavior. The New Yorker magazine announced today that it had parted ways with Lizza for engaging in what the publication believes is "improper sexual conduct," Politico reported. The magazine declined to comment further for privacy reasons.

You may recall that Lizza was the journalist who essentially took down Anthony Scaramucci by publishing his profanity-laced rant about his White House colleagues which "Mooch" thought was off the record. Following the reveal of the phone interview, Scaramucci was let go as White House communications director after just 10 days on the job around the time that Gen. John Kelly became chief of staff.

"Lizza, also a CNN contributor, is the latest liberal male journalist who has been swept up in a wave of sexual misconduct allegations," The Daily Caller observed about the 10-year New Yorker employee. The list includes high-visibility commentators such as Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer, among many others who are perhaps lesser known.

At this writing, CNN has suspended Lizza from the paid gig on the network, but not fired him, Deadline Hollywood noted. Lizza is also an adjunct lecturer at Georgetown University, but the school noted that classes have already ended for the year, and he is not on the teaching schedule for the spring semester. His last CNN appearance reportedly occurred on November 22.

In a statement of his own, Ryan Lizza characterized his firing by The New Yorker as a terrible mistake, while also insisting that a "respectful relationship" with a woman was incorrectly characterized by the magazine as inappropriate.

A lawyer for Ryan Lizza's currently unnamed accuser responded that that the relationship in question was in no way respectful.

Ironically perhaps, The New Yorker is the news outlet that published Ronan Farrow's bombshell report in late October about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as a companion piece to the initial allegations contained in a New York Times expose. The sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein opened the floodgates for women to come forward with sexual abuse allegations about him and many others in the media and entertainment industries, and in the political world.

Lots of Twitter users, both in the media industry and out, and across the ideological spectrum, are currently chiming in about the Ryan Lizza firing.
As Ryan Lizza's termination by The New Yorker is a developing story, check back for updates.