Bullied Boy Keaton Jones’ Mom Responds To The Confederate Flag Controversy, Money Scam Claims

Rogelio V. SolisAP Images

The mother of Keaton Jones, the bullied boy who has won over the hearts of numerous Hollywood celebrities with his tearful viral video, has finally broken her silence on the Confederate flag controversy, alleged racism in her recent Facebook posts, and claims that she is using everyone’s feelings to run a money scam.

Over the weekend, more than 20 million people worldwide watched a video of Keaton tearfully asking why bullies bully, and the 11-year-old immediately became a hot topic of discussion in the media. Moreover, dozens of actors, hip-hop artists and athletes have reached out to the boy to invite him to numerous events and make generous donations.

A number of celebrities, including Chris Evans, Justin Bieber, Gal Gadot, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and many others, have voiced their support for Tennessee student Keaton Jones and shared his viral anti-bullying video with their huge social media followings.

But a GoFundMe campaign for Keaton Jones was put on hold on Monday after reaching nearly $60,000 in donations in the wake of a string of controversial details about Keaton’s mom, Kimberly Jones, surfacing in the media. Over the weekend, social media users lambasted the bullied boy’s mom for allegedly posting racist messages on Facebook and posing with the Confederate flag.

White nationalist demonstrators walk into Lee park surrounded by counter demonstrators in Charlottesville
A white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in August, 2017. Featured image credit: Steve HelberAP Images

People have also begun to question Kimberly’s motives when she set up a PayPal account to receive donations that would supposedly benefit her bullied boy. After viewing the viral video, Joe Schilling, a Bellator MMA fighter, decided to reach out to the Jones family to invite the boy to an upcoming MMA show. But Kimberly’s reaction has taken him aback.

In an Instagram video posted on Monday, Schilling detailed his alleged conversation with Keaton’s mother, and said, “she just wants money.”

Schilling claims that the mother of the bullied boy complained during their conversation that she was “a single mother, blah, blah, money is tight.” The MMA fighter also claims that Kimberly Jones was not interested in the help from celebrities in the form of invitations to events. She would rather accept donations, Schilling claimed.

Within hours after Schilling uploaded the video, he posted a screenshot of his alleged conversation with the mother. On the screenshot, Kimberly Jones allegedly asks the MMA star, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one of another against the predator?”

Speaking to Fox News, Kimberly Jones denied Schilling’s claims, calling them “untrue.” The mother of the bullied 11-year-old claims she “did not” tell the MMA fighter that she would “rather have donations instead of the help from celebrities.”

Jones is also in hot water for allegedly posting racist messages on her personal Facebook page, which has been set to private since her Facebook posts and controversial pictures spread in the media. On one of the photos, the mother of Keaton Jones is allegedly posing with the Confederate flag.

On the second picture, Keaton is seen holding an American flag while another child holds the Confederate flag. One of Kimberly’s Facebook posts also shows the mother-of-three allegedly telling people to stop whining about slavery and racism. The message was posted two weeks after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in August.

Speaking to Fox News, Kimberly Jones explained that she took her Facebook page down “for a reason,” without elaborating on what that reason is. The mom also took to Instagram on Monday to respond to claims that she is using her son, Keaton, to run a money scam.

“I love my kids: Ya’ll people do not know me or my family,” Kimberly Jones wrote. “Did y’all know that my son Keaton was spit on in school, picked on by teachers, that supposed to be there for him??? I’m guessing y’all didn’t because y’all wanna steady Judge me and say I’m using him for money that’s false.”