‘The Division’ Strike Global Event Starts Tomorrow Adding Four More Classified Sets


With the 1.8 update out now for Tom Clancy’s The Division, players are ready for more Classified set pieces. The third Global Event starts tomorrow adding four more Classified sets, new vanity items, and more Commendations. The penultimate Global Event is a Strike event themed around explosions. Three Strike modifiers and a new event playlist will be available starting December 12. The event concludes on December 18.

During the Strike event players can earn Global Event credits which can be used to buy Global Event caches. These caches may contain new pieces of four Classified sets. Players can find Banshee, D3-FNC (Frontline), Path of the Nomad, and Predator’s Mark set pieces during this Global Event according to the game’s official site. Classified set pieces in The Division are stronger than normal gear set pieces since they contain six-piece bonuses in addition to the normal four-piece improvements.

As usual, five missions in The Division are part of the event playlist. These missions include Lexington Event Center, Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Stolen Signal, Times Square Power Relay, and WarrenGate Power Plant. Although all bosses and missions offer Global Event credits, players can earn even more credits from these missions thanks to three event modifiers. Harder difficulties will reward more Global Event currency, but all activities reward players with Global Event credits.

The Division masks and items in the Strike Global Event
Featured image credit: Ubisoft

The default modifier for Strike is always on making enemies explode when they are defeated. The Pre-emptive Strike modifier includes the first modifier and makes an explosion occur on an agent after they take so much damage. The amount of damage sustained before the explosion is noted on the player’s UI. Finally, the third modifier includes the previous two and the final modifier. This modifier will mark enemies affected by a Strike explosion letting players exploit them for even more damage. This modifier also increases the explosion on The Division agent.

The Strike Global Event will offer three new facemasks as rewards for event-specific commendations. By completing objectives like killing bosses during the event, players can unlock these masks. New weapon skins and new vanity outfit pieces can be unlocked by ranking on The Division event leaderboard.

The third-person shooter recently updated with the free 1.8 update. The patch added a new area to the open world, the Resistance PvE mode, the Skirmish PvP mode, Underground DLC improvements, and much more. As the Inquisitr reported, the patch also added the Optimization Station letting players upgrade gear in The Division to higher gear scores.