WWE News: Paige Reveals The Real Reason She Was Suspended Last Year


In 2016, the WWE suspended Paige after the former champion failed two drug tests. After her second suspension, Paige took to social media and made claims that she had a doctor’s note, but the WWE suspended her anyway. Her father then took to social media to accuse the WWE of not caring about his daughter’s health situation and said that they were bringing her home to get proper care. The WWE then responded officially by saying that Paige failed her WWE wellness test for illegal drugs, and it became another he said/she said situation. In a recent interview on Lilian Garcia’s podcast (via IWNerd) after returning to the WWE, Paige finally came clean about her suspension last year.

Paige Admits To The Reason For WWE Suspension

After a year of telling anyone who would listen that her second WWE wellness suspension was due to prescription medication and that the WWE didn’t care enough about her well-being to help her, Paige finally told Lilian Garcia that it was, in fact, for illegal drugs.

In the interview, Paige said that she was one step away from a Britney Spears-style breakdown. She said she drinking more and more and found herself completely wrapped up in what she referred to as the “party lifestyle.” She said that she was living a childhood she never had a chance to live before.

Paige said once she got into her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, it was an uphill battle on social media. Her neck injury made things worse because she then believed she would never wrestle again. She said the pain was so great that she started taking more pills, calling it a dumb mistake.

Paige also admitted that she was surprised that the WWE responded officially, calling her out for her lies. However, she said that she was never angry with the WWE and they did a lot to help her get back on her feet again.

Paige Reveals What The WWE Said When She Returned

Paige said that the WWE, and specifically the McMahon family, was completely behind her when she eventually made her return to the ring. Paige said that Stephanie McMahon took her aside before her return and said that it was going to be fine. Stephanie said the WWE was her home and this was her house.

Paige also said that Vince McMahon and Triple H both said they believed in her as well and they believe she can be something in the WWE.