Trump’s Name Highlighted On Accused Sexual Predator List Displayed On $49 T-Shirts For Sale

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Donald Trump’s name is predominantly featured on a list found on a T-shirt that contains the names of men who have recently been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior or sexual harassment. Someone is attempting to cash in on the recent flood of men in high places being accused of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and people are peeved about it.

According to the Daily Mail, the $49 t-shirt and the $59 sweatshirt sports a title on the back of the shirt saying, “Knockin ‘Em Down Tour.” Below that title lists the last name of men who have recently been accused of sexual inappropriateness in the workplace and, in some cases, beyond. Next to each name is the date that they were accused of this sexual harassment, all except for one. Trump doesn’t have a date next to his name.

The names on the list are printed in black lettering on top of a gray T-shirt or sweatshirt. Trump not only doesn’t have a date next to his name, but his name is printed in bright red letters with “TBA” (to be advised) next to his name instead of a date. He sits right below “Lauer 11-29-17.” According to Teen Vogue, the front of both the t-shirt and sweatshirt has the words, “Another One Bites The Dust,” with the list seen on the back.

Folks on social media have weighed in about this shirt. There is some fury over this, but it is not about Trump or the other names that are listed on this shirt. People are accusing the company who created these shirts of “cashing in on people’s trauma.” Others are suggesting this is cashing in on people’s “pain.”


Meg Shops fashion brand is the company selling these T-shirts to the masses, which are offered at $49 each or $59 each for a sweatshirt. According to the Daily Mail, the company will donate $10 from each item sold in this line of shirts to the New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Women’s Support Network of York Region, Ontario.


The fashion brand Meg Shops has stores in New York and Toronto. Twitter users had some reprimanding words for the Meg Shops over their latest creation.

One Twitter user writes, “Hi maybe don’t sell shirts profiting off victims, this is gross.”

Another person on Twitter called them out, suggesting they just tell the truth, suggesting, “Just say u want to profit on victims’ pain and go.”

Some gave them kudos for wanting to donate money but as one Twitter user suggests, “but this is a terrible way to go about this.”

One Twitter user warned Meg Shops how this strategy is a “good old-fashioned brand suicide.” Some were very short and to the point. One Twitter user just stated “no” and yet another commented, “This is horrible please stop selling this.” These Twitter comments were listed by the Daily Mail today, where you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks this is a good idea.