Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Sends Strong Message About His Single Life


Leah Messer revealed that she wasn’t sure if she and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert would ever get back together on the recent reunion special for Teen Mom 2. When Dr. Drew asked her, there was an awkward silence, and Jeremy revealed that it was indeed awkward to talk about the possibility of getting back together with Leah. It’s no secret that Jeremy and Brooke Wehr were dating for a while and that they broke up because Brooke wasn’t too happy with the role Leah was playing in Jeremy’s life. Based on his Instagram page, it sounds like they may have gotten back together because he was now proud of his single life just two days ago.

According to a new Instagram post, Jeremy Calvert was celebrating his single life by saying that he was happy that a woman wasn’t going to tell him what to do anymore. In two Instagram posts, he reveals he’s single and that his daughter Adalynn is going to choose the next woman for him. Apparently, Adalynn knows what she wants for her father, but it may be an awkward conversation if she chooses Leah Messer for him. The two got divorced over Leah’s anxiety and depression a few years ago.

Just last week, Leah Messer and Jeremy talked on social media, replying to each other’s comments. Many Teen Mom 2 fans saw it as flirting, and they were excited about them getting along. As it turns out, fans believed that they would definitely get back together, but Jeremy Calvert seems to really enjoy his single life. Leah has revealed that she feels Jeremy’s work schedule is toxic, and she may not be interested in working on their relationship if he isn’t changing his life. For now, these two may just enjoy co-parenting, something they seem to be doing well. As for Leah, she has revealed that she has no interest in a boyfriend right now and would prefer to focus on her education and setting an example for her three daughters.

Leah Messer is currently on hiatus and may be back for another season of Teen Mom 2 next spring.