‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Finally Opens Up To Fans About New Life

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Amber Portwood has been keeping a low profile for a few months after announcing that she was ending her relationship with Matt Baier. She didn’t talk about the breakup publicly, and fans were confused as to whether they were still together. It wasn’t until she was spotted with another man that fans knew she had moved on. Portwood revealed she was dating a producer from Marriage Boot Camp and the two had gotten together after she had filmed the show with Baier. While Amber was very active on social media when she was with Baier, it seems like she’s taken a step back to focus on her new relationship.

These days, Amber Portwood is still running her business, and she wants to grow her online store into a big empire for her daughter, Leah. Now that she’s pregnant with her second child, Portwood may want to work harder for her second child as well. After months of silence, Portwood recently decided to open up about her life. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood reveals that things are going great with Andrew Glennon, and she shared a photo from behind the scenes of their lives. As it turns out, she seems to be on the road with him for work.


Perhaps Amber Portwood wants to be close to him as he’s working around the country. Since he’s a producer, he may be working in various locations around the country. Since Amber isn’t filming Teen Mom OG these days, she may have some downtime to travel with him. No word on whether Andrew plans on taking some time off to stay at home with the baby. Plus, the two are currently in a long-distance relationship, and she hasn’t revealed what the plans are going forward. Since Amber’s daughter is in Indiana, she may not want to leave her behind to start over in a new state. Hopefully, Andrew can accommodate Portwood and will make sacrifices so she can be with both of her children. No word on whether Andrew has other children himself.

Amber Portwood will be back for another episode of Teen Mom OG tonight on MTV.