Motorola MILESTONE Listed On O2 Germany For €550

The Motorola Droid launched in the U.S. this past Friday and now the Motorola Milestone (basically the Droid with multitouch) has begun springing up on O2 Germany’s website and with a very high €549.99 ($815) cost.

Of course that price doesn’t include a contract and it comes with a 16GB MicroSDHC card (Droid = 8GB) that comes preloaded with Western Europe mapping for Motonav, although we’d still prefer Google Maps turn-by-turn directions such as those found on the Droid, unfortunately that option is still only beta testing in the U.S.

Germany O2 customers and future O2 customers can pre-order the device now, however there doesn’t appear to be any word on a release date, or maybe it’s there and my German is slipping…wait, I don’t speak German. [SlashGear]