Trump Claims He Doesn’t Watch ‘4-8 Hours Of Television A Day’ — But What About Drinking 12 Diet Cokes?

Charlie RiedelAP Images

President Donald Trump has come back swinging against a recent report by The New York Times, written by a trio of authors that liken Twitter to his Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur. The article, titled “Trump’s Way: Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation,” alleged that Trump spends up to eight hours each day watching television. President Trump arises each morning at about 5:30 a.m., claims the article, with Trump using the TV in the White House’s master bedroom to watch CNN to get news updates then Fox & Friends to be cajoled and comforted and finally MSNBC’s Morning Joe to be awakened and fired up in anger.

Painting a picture of President Trump grabbing his iPhone and propping himself up on a pillow — as allegedly witnessed by White House aides — to begin tweeting his day away, the article gained plenty of readership and social media shares. So much so that Trump has taken to Twitter on Monday to hit back against the piece, which described him guzzling a dozen Diet Cokes. As seen in the below tweet, Trump called the article “another false story” that was “Wrong!” Trump went on to claim that he seldom if ever watches CNN or MSNBC, which he called “Fake News,” going on to remind his readers that he once dubbed Don Lemon the “dumbest man on television!”


Going on to call the article “bad reporting,” Trump seemingly has brought even more attention to the original article. In the reply section of Trump’s Twitter post, some Twitter users are reminding Trump that he does indeed drink Diet Coke, as seen in photos that have been posted to Trump’s own Instagram account and have been reposted to Twitter.

Others are joking that Trump likely watches more like eight to 12 hours of TV per day. The article claimed that Trump is the only one allowed to touch the remote control, along with Trump’s technical support staff. The 60-inch TV in the dining room of the most famous address in the U.S. can be muted, but Trump allegedly reads the headlines as they scroll by. Trump’s “Super TiVo” catches Trump up on the rest of the news he has missed.

However, Trump has not addressed the dozen Diet Cokes the piece alleges he consumes each day.