Cynthia Bailey On Ex Peter Thomas’ Reaction To Her Dating, Gives Surprising Update On Will

Paras GriffinGetty Images for Pepsi

Last season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas reached the painful decision to divorce. This season, viewers have watched Cynthia back in the dating game. After a date with a man who was much too young for her and with whom she didn’t feel any romantic sparks for, she started dating Will Jones. So far, Will seems promising, with him and Cynthia being very flirtatious with one another and Cynthia making it clear that she’s interested in him. So has Peter been watching Cynthia date Will and if so, how has he taken it?

On Sunday night, Cynthia appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. During her appearance, she talked about her ex and his reaction to her dating life. Cynthia also gave a surprising update on her relationship with Will.

During the after-show portion of the talk show, a viewer called in and asked Cynthia how Peter has been dealing with seeing her dating life play out on the show. Cynthia gave a response that indicated that Peter has no problem with her dating life, nor is he watching her date.

“We’re not together anymore so I’m not there when he watches it. He told me actually, I spoke to him a couple of days ago, he said that he hasn’t really watched it. Um, I don’t imagine that it’s easy. I mean I don’t want to watch his dating life on TV so I kind of get it. Um, I guess it’s as well as to be expected. But we are officially divorced and we have both moved on so…”

So far this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas has not made an actual appearance. While he hasn’t appeared on the show, he has been a frequent subject of conversation between Cynthia Bailey and her daughter, Noelle, who was very close to Peter. Initially, Noelle thought that her mom wasn’t really ready to let go of her relationship with Peter. At one point, Noelle even joked that Cynthia had to stop stalking Peter. Later, when Noelle said that she wanted to move to Charlotte, Cynthia was consoled by the thought that at least her daughter would have Peter, who now lives in Charlotte, there with her.

In earlier seasons, Cynthia’s marriage to Peter was rocked by cheating allegations. Cynthia’s co-star, Porsha Williams, claimed that Peter repeatedly cheated on Cynthia with his restaurant employees. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Porsha even claimed at one point that she had proof of the cheating. Cynthia, however, refused to believe the cheating claims.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, Cynthia also gave an update on her relationship with Will. So far on Real Housewives, Will has been shown being very attentive to Cynthia, going so far as keeping in contact with her via video calls during her vacation in San Francisco with the other housewives.

Unfortunately for those who like Cynthia Bailey with Will Jones and were hoping that she found happiness with him after her divorce from Peter Thomas, it seems as if the romantic relationship didn’t last. That’s because at one point during Andy Cohen’s talk show, Cynthia joked with co-guest Tiffany Haddish that they were going to become best friends. As they were talking about how much they liked one another, Cynthia yelled out that they’re both also single.