‘Counting On’ Fans Want Jessa Duggar To Have Baby Girl After She Shares Instagram Showing Sons ‘Battling’

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Jessa Duggar may only have been married for three years, but she already is a mother of two kids. She gave birth to Spurgeon Seewald in 2015, just a year after her wedding, and delivered Henry Seewald a year after that. While her Instagram updates are filled with how her baby boys are growing and just how cute they are, it looks like Counting On fans would like to see Jessa eventually have a beautiful daughter.

For the past few months, with Henry almost turning 1, the 24-year-old has been posting a lot of pictures and videos of her sons interacting with each other. Unlike her older sister, Jill Duggar Dillard, Jessa lived in the U.S. her entire marriage with her babies, which means that she did not have to worry about their safety and being abroad.

Because Henry and Spurgeon are both boys and still very young, they tend to engage in some pretty physical but playful tufts. Jessa and Ben have recorded most of them with their phones for Counting On fans to enjoy.

The fans really take these updates and remark how good it is to watch the boys grow up with each other.

“It is so wonderful to see these boys having fun with each other,” one fan commented.

Battle for the yellow ball. ???????????????????? I love watching these two interact!

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“Two cute boys! I had three boys,” one fan wrote. “[S]ure miss those days! Are you planning a lot more?”

To that, other followers began to chime in that it is time for Jessa and Ben to have a baby girl and that these boys “need a little sister.”

The latest video of Spurgeon that Jessa posted got the fans remarking just how much they look alike, so much so that they look like twins.

“He looks so much like you Jess,” a fan wrote. “Can’t get over his curls.”

If Spurgeon was a girl, he may have looked even more like his mother.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a lot of grandsons but very few granddaughters. Just in the last few years, Jill and Jessa each gave birth to two sons and Josh Duggar’s wife delivered a baby boy into the world. While Anna, Josh’s wife, has also given birth to a couple of daughters, the boys on the third-generation Duggar level outnumber the girls by far.

Jessa has gotten pregnant with her second baby quite soon after her first, but so far, she has not announced that she is expecting a third child.