‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Shares Update On Relationships, Slammed Because Of Her ‘Young’ Age

Rain BrownInstagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media over the weekend to share an update on relationships. Rain told her social media followers that she’s posted her thoughts about relationships before, but this most recent post is a little different. According to Rain Brown, a relationship should be about treating someone else “above and beyond.” While most of Rain’s followers agreed with her lengthy post, another comment slammed the teen for posting about a topic she allegedly can’t relate to because of her “young” age.

Rain Brown, the youngest cast member of Alaskan Bush People, just recently turned 15, but Rain posted several times when she was still 14 about her thoughts on relationships. Usually, Rain starts her #rainspiration social media posts by adding a quote photo, followed by her personal beliefs. In a post from October, Rain explained to her thousands of Instagram followers why she shares quotes so often. Rain shared that quotes give her a “deeper understanding” of a topic than she “could ever understand.”

However, at least one of Rain Brown’s Instagram followers disagreed with her about her latest update on relationships and even went as far as to ask her how old she is and how many relationships she’s had. Rain shared a post in September that led to her followers asking if she had met “someone special” and shared another post just last month about having a crush on a “happily married” man — when she was 12. However, Rain Brown isn’t currently dating anyone and even started a debate recently among her followers about who she prefers to date.

Rain Brown has been getting shorter and shorter haircuts over the last few months and shared a photo of a drastically shorter haircut last month, which led to her followers thinking that maybe she’s interested in the same sex. However, Rain cleared up that relationship rumor less than two weeks ago when she came right out and said that she’s “straight.”

Although several of Rain’s followers agree that she’s “not obligated” to answer any questions about her personal life and relationships, Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter once again shared her thoughts about “love and understanding” this past weekend.

After adding that she’s “seen too many relationships that this doesn’t apply to,” Rain went on to say that “if you love someone you should treat them exactly how you want them to treat you.” Rain Brown expanded on her thought by saying to lift up, cherish, understand, and accept the “one you love.” The quote that Rain attached to her post about relationships is about letting someone spread their wings and fly and not taking ownership. This post comes after another quote post that Rain shared in September about love and control.

According to Rain, “Life is too short to have someone else live it for you.”

Rain also acknowledged in September’s post that she’s been told by so many people to stay in her lane because she’s only 14, and one of her Instagram followers basically told her the same thing on her latest relationships post. After a comment slammed the teen for not sticking with posts she can relate to, Rain slapped back by saying that “judging people is a very ugly habit.” Rain also replied back to “not tell people what they can relate to.” Rain further explained that even if she was in a relationship, she’s 15-years-old and not 9-years-old — a teenager and not a child.

The majority of comments on Rain Brown’s recent relationships post said that she shared “wise words” at such a young age, and one comment added that Rain will surely not “stay single.”

Rain often replies back to bullies on social media. As a reality TV star on her family’s controversial Discovery Channel series, Alaskan Bush People, Rain Brown has often been the target of unwanted attention and cyberbullying. However, Rain usually doesn’t let the haters get her down and shared a quote post in September that said she doesn’t “have haters,” only “fans in denial.” Rain also shared in that post that she’s been going through some pain, which In Touch Weekly wrote last month is due to mom Ami Brown’s late-stage lung cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People can tune in to the Discovery Channel this Friday at 10 p.m. ET to get a rare update on the nine members of the Brown family. Monsters & Critics calls the upcoming Christmas special a “long-awaited episode,” especially since the last season of Alaskan Bush People ended nearly four months ago, and fans are wanting an official update on the current health status of Ami Brown.