Barack Obama Inserts Himself Into Heated Political Crisis To Counter President Trump’s Influence

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Former President Barack Obama is inserting himself into a heated political crisis to counter President Donald Trump’s influence over a number of Alabama voters. Although Obama has come forward with brief remarks about how the current state of the nation, but hasn’t gotten directly involved in a controversial matter since leaving office. With the situation involving the candidacy of Roy Moore, it’s reason enough in his eyes to speak up.

As CNN reports, Barack Obama is adding his voice to the Alabama State race by urging voters to get out to the polls on Tuesday and reject Roy Moore. Two sources familiar with the details tell the news network that Obama doesn’t mention Moore by name in a robocall he recorded encouraging voters to elect Doug Jones. It’s part of an aggressive Democratic effort to counter President Donald Trump’s rallying endorsement of the controversial GOP candidate who’s been accused of molesting or harassing a number of teenage girls.

“This one’s serious,” Obama says in the call. “You can’t sit it out.”

The report goes on to state that Obama does endorse Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for Alabama Senate. In the call, the former president states that Jones is a “fighter for equality, for progress.” He goes on to say that Jones is would a “champion for justice.”

CNN notes that Barack Obama is specifically aiming to reach black voters since their turnout for this election is so important to beat Roy Moore.

Obama also campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey, and they both won their races last month.

It’s unknown if Barack Obama’s influence will prevail over Donald Trump’s influence to get his base out there and vote for Roy Moore. Tuesday will hold the answer to who might wield more power in this political race.

A new Politico report suggests that Trump was more vocal about his endorsement of Moore due to the overwhelming accusations of sexual harassment coming from women of prominent men. It’s alleged in the report that he privately thinks it’s out of control and having members of his own party — including daughter, Ivanka Trump — advising him against getting involved in the Alabama Senate race, only pushed him to go the “opposite direction.”