Prince William And Kate Middleton Admit To Being ‘Concerned’ For George And Charlotte

The royals prove once again that they have the same struggles and concerns as other parents with their latest revelation.

The royals prove once again that they have the same struggles and concerns as other parents with their latest revelation.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are gearing up the birth of their third child. But as the royal family prepares for the new addition, they are also worried about their other two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Although the couple has a lot they could be worried about, they are apparently concerned how technology may negatively impact the lives of their children.

George And Charlotte Love Playing With Their iPad

According to Daily Star, William recently opened up about the role technology actively plays in his children’s lives. William admitted that technology has a lot of great benefits and that he and Middleton are excited about the positive things it will bring to the world. They are also, however, worried that raising kids in a digitally-immersed world will have negative consequences on their children, both of whom love playing on the family iPad. Why are William and Middleton so worried about technology?

The Royal Couple Fears Cyber Bullying

William’s comments came after his meeting with delegates at the Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester. The Duke of Cambridge revealed that he is worried about the power of technology and the threat of cyberbullying. William made it clear that he is not against his kids using technology, but he is alarmed at the lack of rules and regulations that come along with it. In particular, William feels as though many parents are forced to make up rules on the fly and believes there should be more structure for children using technology. Unfortunately for William and his wife, cyberbullying might be the least of their worries moving forward.

Terrorists Target George At School

The Daily Star reports that investigators recently uncovered a terrorist plot to attack George at school. Husnain Rashid reportedly shared a photo of George standing beside an ISIS fighter shortly before police apprehended him. Rashid just appeared in court for the charges of preparing to commit terrorist acts. He was also accused of helping other parties commit threats of violence against the Jewish community. Rashid has pleaded not guilty to all the charges but is being held without bond out of fear that he will leave the country to join ISIS abroad.

Police Stop The Terrorist Plot

Rashid’s plans to attack George at school were thwarted when investigators discovered an encrypted message warning that the royal family are official targets of ISIS. The terrorist group also had photos of George’s school in London, complete with the address and time when classes start. Considering the threats, British spies are actively looking to prevent similar attacks from happening throughout the UK. Fortunately, the police and investigators were able to stop Rashid and his associates before something terrible happened to George.

William and Middleton have not discussed the terrorist plots in public. Although they are right to be concerned about how technology might negatively impact their children, it is clear they have a lot of other things to worry about as well. Middleton is expected to have her third baby this coming spring. The pair has not announced the name of the child.