Maci Bookout Using Fame And ‘TTM’ Brand To Help Bullied Boy Keaton Jones

Maci Bookout has three children and she wants the best for her children. This Teen Mom OG star may use her story to warn her kids about becoming young parents, as she may want something else for them. But as a mother, Maci may also use her experiences to teach her children about bullying. It’s no secret that parents don’t wish their kids to become bullies or be bullied, but that doesn’t change the fact that it happens on a daily basis. This weekend, a video went viral of a young boy telling his mother what people are doing to him at school. Maci watched the video and she decided to do something for the boy.

The video that went viral shares the story of Keaton Jones, who tells his mother how the other children at his school are bullying him. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now revealing that she reached out to Keaton’s sister, asking him to reach out about getting some clothing from her business, Things That Matter. It sounds like she wants to help him out and do something great for him, so he knows he’s loved and supported. Maci is just one of several celebrities who has reached out to Keaton after watching the video.

“I’m from Chattanooga and own a clothing line called Things That Matter. We would like to help spread awareness of bullying and send Keaton some TTM Lifestyle gear! DM me when possible!” Maci revealed on Twitter, sharing that she would love to send him some gear.

Bookout had written to Keaton’s sister, who was trying to reply to everyone who was reaching out to her. It sounds like Keaton himself doesn’t have social media and she has been his voice on the social networks. In her bio, she simply writes that she’s indeed Keaton’s sister. It is admirable that she’s taking the time to reach out to this bullied boy to send him some clothing. Many other celebrities are standing up for him, revealing that they are there for him if he ever needs support or a friend. It is heartbreaking to know that someone is struggling and Bookout is getting encouragement for reaching out to him with some clothing from her business. The video that has gone viral can be seen below.