Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine Slam Trolls Who Called Them Out Over ‘The Voice’

Miley and Adam are hitting back at the trolls who "clearly hate themselves"

Miley and Adam are hitting back at the trolls who "clearly hate themselves"

The Voice coaches Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine are hitting back at social media trolls who called both them and their teams out on the singing show. Adam and Miley opened up about the hate they receive on a daily basis in a new interview after Cyrus revealed that she’s actually told her contestants on the NBC show this year to never read comments sections and to stay away from social media.

Speaking out ahead of The Voice Season 13 semi-final, Miley said that she has a strict rule that Team Miley shouldn’t read the comments they get on social media because she wants them to be completely confident before hitting the stage week after week.

“I want them to stay in a confident mind frame and the quickest way to get out of one is to read some dumb comments from people who don’t have lives,” Cyrus hit back in a new interview with People, seemingly referring to the trolls who target her and her contestants in the comments section of her social media pages with nasty comments.

“I always wonder who wants to write something to hurt someone,” The Voice coach then mused of the mean things people often post on the internet. “I guess you have to be willing to take all the hate for the positive of getting to perform.”

Cyrus’s fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine then chimed in on the nasty comments he too receives on social media, putting the trolls on serious blast and claiming that anyone posting cruel message online “clearly hate themselves.”

“I have news for you. The same people who spit all this hatred out are the same ones who will be falling over themselves saying they love you,” Levine said of the social media trolls who have nothing nice to say after Miley confirmed that she doesn’t want her team to be reading the mean comments.

“These people who are saying these things are literally people sitting, doing nothing who clearly hate themselves,” Adam then added.

Notably, despite being two of the biggest and most successful pop stars in the world, neither Miley nor Adam are immune to hateful comments from trolls on social media.

Both musicians — who were alleged to have had a little tension on the set last year — have been called out on multiple occasions during the most recent season of The Voice, which set to air its semi-finals tonight and (December 11) and tomorrow (December 12).

Cyrus has most recently been subject to some pretty nasty comments for her recent outfit choices on the series.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine are calling out social media trolls

Last month the star was slammed for wearing a huge pink tiered dress which some viewers compared to a trash bag. Miley was then ridiculed again for wearing another large yellow dress which some claimed made her look like the Sesame Street character Big Bird or even a bright yellow shower loofah.

The show itself has also been subject to some hate and drama from trolls.

It was just last week that a number of viewers claimed on Twitter that the series was somehow rigged in Levine and Cyrus’s fellow coach Blake Shelton’s favor after his acts were all safe from elimination for another week while Miley and Jennifer Hudson both lost popular acts.

The Voice Season 13 airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights.